10 Best Ruby Frameworks to Complete Development Task Quickly

Ruby is one of the most advanced and powerful programming languages available today, blending all the best features of imperative, functional and object oriented programming languages. With the combined capability of multiple programming paradigms, Ruby could be the future of programming. There are many frameworks are available

8 Best Python IDE for Fast and Bug-free Programming

Python is currently one of the most powerful, yet simple programming language that has gained massive popularity during the past few years. The python is an object oriented programming language that allows the programmer to express some algorithms in a fewer number of lines as compared to

A Collection of 10 Exemplary Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

As mobile devices are gaining rapid acceptance and demanding a lion’s share when it comes to online traffic, mobile app developers are finding it difficult to leverage their skills completely while playing around HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.  To help them meet the growing challenges involved in application

Free EaseUS Partition Tool to Manage Disk Partitions on Windows

Hard Drive partitions are an integral part of your computer that helps user save all their stuff and install huge list of applications. At times, there is need arrives to manage partitions specially if it’s running out of space or you want to convert it from MBR

10 Best Online Printing Companies Which Offers Quality Printing Services

Online printing companies are the go to places for printing of documents, files, business cards, brochures, invitation cards professionally and faultlessly. They offer a wide variety of design ideas and also options to take your own ideas and convert them into cards or whatever printing you need

7 Best PHP Tools For Developers to Analyze and Parse PHP Code

Everyone knows PHP is a server-side scripting language which has been designed especially for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. As of Jan 2013, PHP was used on more than 240 million websites and 2.1 million web servers. PHP is a prevailing and

10 Handy Code Editors For Developers to Collaborate in Real Time

Every developer knows that giving opinion on programming errors is a pain. Rather you just desire to share a swift, contextual note with someone, but to do so, very few good collaborative code editors are available for assistance. Code editors that allow you to collaborate with other

20 Examples of Home Pages Having Elegant Animations

The home page plays an important role and takes up the principal position in any website project. Firstly home page is accountable for generating the first impress, and we all know that, this aspect is tremendously important if you want to flourish in your commerce and the

40+ Awesome Free Responsive Joomla Templates 2015

If you are not good in programming or have no idea in writing even simple codes, then Joomla is the best tool for your development. Using Joomla, you can develop a good looking responsive and professional websites, which will help you in establishing your brand in the

7 Best HTML5 Editors You’ll Find Handy During Web Development

Having garnered an impressive amount of attention in the recent years, HTML5 has become one of the most preferred web development technologies used by novice as well as professional web developers. Irrespective of whether you’re interesting in creating a website or a web app, HTML5 offers you

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