Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials to Create More Engaging Designs

Gone are the days when your audience only read your text content. Nowadays, visuals speak louder than words. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to use highly equipped illustration tools to make your graphics and design more engaging and creative. Adobe Illustrator is the excellent

How to Easily Generate Charts and Excel Files with PHPExcel

Do you need to keep a track on the daily invoices you pay to your supplier? Or do you need to keep an account on all the supplies being used for the production? If yes then Microsoft office has already gifted you with the present of Excel

How to Use JavaScript Animations in Angular JS Applications Properly

JavaScript Animations in Angular JS Applications may sound very alien to you. But hello! This is why we are here. This post will guide you - how you can power JavaScript to animate the AngularJS apps and will help in establishing a better understanding of the basics behind it.

5 Common Pitfalls of Python You Should be Aware of

What comes to your mind when I say ‘python’? The snake, of course! But, no! I am not referring to the venomous snake species here. Instead I am focusing on a renowned programming language used for coding software. All the computer techies must be familiar with this

Some Flat Design Issues You Need To Cope With

Flat design is undoubtedly the next big thing in the web design arena, and we told you so in while predicting the top design trends that’ll 2015. The first example of flat design appeared on the scene with Windows 8, the biggest interface ever to go flat.

How to Overcome Maximum Execution Time limit in WordPress Without any Fatal Error

Who doesn’t know of WordPress? We all know WordPress as one of the most popular blogging software available over the web at the moment. It is an open source software which has not only made blogging fun, but has also made setting up blogs and websites quicker

Visme: Create Interactive Banner Ads, Presentations and Infographics With Ease

In this technology oriented world where presentations and videos are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day, articles seem to have lost their importance. Therefore, to cope up and match with changing trends in technology, you ought to have some solution that is reliable, easy to use

15 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials To Turn Imagination Into Reality

Adobe Photoshop is a widely used image editing tool. It has the ability that can completely change the look and feel of your pictures and creative. If you are a designer or creative professional who loves experimenting with designs and styles, then this tool is an excellent

10 Design Resources to Complete Your Toolkit in 2014

Yes, designing is sure your passion. You love coming up with intriguing web layouts which not only meet your client’s expectations but also satisfy your creative thirst. But admit it- you wouldn’t have been able to deliver such tremendous results without some of our dexterous friends out

25 Beautiful Examples of Typography Design

Typography is one of the most mesmerizing components of graphic design. If its web designs, posters, brochures, album art, or any other type of graphic design, typographical motivation can be a great resource for designers. Typography design is visual art which comprises adding prettiness, feeling and art

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