10+ Best Time Tracking Software To Monitor Your Efficiency

Posted by David Watson . on January 11, 2016

In this post, we are presenting 10 best time tracking software for the freelancers and the business owners. There are loads of companies providing time tracking software, far too lots of to discuss about in one post, so we have selected the commonly used time tracking software. These time tracking software(s) will allow you accomplish your time in a more operative method and therefore you will be having more extra time for enjoyment.


MoneyPenny Live Time Tracker

One painless package for invoicing, time, project and expense tracking which includes apps for iPhone, Android phones & tablets.
Tap & go timer, time tracking, integrated live task tracking & team monitoring from any device
Instant messaging and team communication plus live notifications via HipChat & Slack
Cloud-based time logging & billing, timesheet integration into invoices
Allows User status (“Present”, “Absent”, “Break” or “Vacation) setup & activity color-mapping
Advanced time reports, including payroll reports, based on the live presence time calendar.



Project Management for your team: always access up-to-date projects data.
Your time is valuable. Time can be recorded in several different ways because Twproject can adapt to different habits.
A powerful issue tracking. Define and organize your team’s work. Stay up to date with what’s going on around you.
Interactive plan and workload. Instantly check and change your teams’s allocation.


TopTracker’s desktop application takes screenshots & camerashots on a user-defined schedule to attach to your activity
TopTracker’s desktop application can send periodic reminders to update your currently tracked activity
TopTracker lets you control which individual activities, screenshots, and other information you want to share in reports
TopTracker’s desktop application allows you to track time offline & sync your data once you’re back online
TopTracker allows teams to work collaboratively on projects, alongside team member privacy settings
TopTracker’s desktop application supports Windows, Mac, & Linux
All of TopTracker’s features are 100%, completely free!


Track Working hours and segregate them on the basis of clients, projects and activities
Generate Invoices using working hours and get paid quickly
Easy to use Stop Watch for time tracking
Generate reports for your business with few clicks
Customize Clockodo as per your needs using clockodo REST API


TallyPro is a modern online time tracking software that offers time tracking, Invoicing, expense management and more.

Important Features are:

Easily log time spent by the employees
Generate professional looking Invoices swiftly in your own format
Time tracking on the Go with TallyPro’s mobile apps
Log all expenses involved easily
Generate reports in multiple formats



SCREENish is a Cloud based GPS and Time Tracking Software with screenshots and activity levels.

Windows, MAC, Linux and Android applications with Web Administration for the Employer and Employee’s
Projects, Time Limits, Hourly Rates
Screenshots with Mouse and Keyboard activities
Online and Offline Time Tracking
Automated payrolls, Graphs and insights
Prevent distractions filter (individually adjustable)
List of Active Programs and Applications used in a work process
Idle Time Measuring system (individually adjustable)
Weekly email notifications with idle time and Active applications.
Android GPS and Time tracking with notes and Photo upload.
Option to share your project progress with your clients.



Forces point in time clocking. Free yourself from late and erroneous timesheets!
Premium timesheet software for large and fragmented operations.
Fine-tuned mobile time clock apps for Android & iOS.
Dedicated time clock hardware for full-stack time and attendance.
Instant online project timesheets, with job cost and cost code reporting.



Paymo is a modern project management app that offers time tracking, task management and invoicing.

Split projects into task lists and tasks and assign them to your employees or co-workers’
Track work time via online, desktop and mobile apps
Keep everyone involved in a project up to date with what’s happening through discussions
Create customizable static and live reports and track business performance
Store all the files related to the project – so everyone can access them, anytime
Visualize your team work, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the idle time in your projects
Keep track of time spent on all computer activities and allocate that time to projects
Track expenses, generate estimates and invoices for the client and get paid online
With milestones, the team knows when major project stages are due to be completed
Save project as a template and use it when you need to create a similar project



Web-based application that helps tracking employee working hours. Built for small business owners, and priced for small business budgets, Emplotime offers the same features as many of the more complex tracking systems, but keeps things simple and affordable for most companies.

Least expensive time and attendance solution in the market
Easy to use time tracking web-based application.
All features under the same flat rate (Buddy punching lockout, Overtime, Geolocation, etc.)
Authorize clock use wherever you need (PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobiles)


Time Writer

Easy to use software for small to large corporations
A complete budgeting and time scheduling solution
Preciesly track how much time is spent on which customer
Easily monitor budgets and record leaves

Timeless Time & Expense

Timeless Time & Expense-Free-Time-Tracking-Software

Track your employees’ time and monitor expenses
Includes a To Do list, which is more of a planning feature than a time tracker.
Import data between Timeless Time & Expense and your own SQL server or Microsoft Access database



Automatically detect how long you have been idle and subtract it or assign it to a different project.
One click Quick Reporting to instantly see where your time has gone.
Track visual history or your days in iCal calendar.



Lets you track time, send invoices and estimates.
Push Notifications To Your iPhone.
Keeps your business smooth by keeping tabs on late payments, deadlines and more.

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  2. Janron
  3. Harrison
  4. Leesa
  5. Michel
  6. Leslie Scott
  7. Mark Hirsch
  8. Cosmina Cismaru
  9. Christan Muller
  10. Benedice Strome
  11. Martin
  12. Robert J McCloskey
  13. Stevenson
  14. Rudolph Wilkes
  15. Keinler Philip
  16. Daniel Levan
  17. Nicalus Bucher
  18. Peter Melde
  19. Ronhy Dokker
  20. John
  21. Philip Vishang
  22. Wilhn. Hedelman
  23. Steven Braz
  24. Mavik Venson
  25. Hanery Metza
  26. Samuel Moris
  27. Bowman jenn
  28. Tobias Frye
  29. Andreas Yokem
  30. Keliy powell
  31. Mervis Russel
  32. Nancy Mattis
  33. Andreas Randle
  34. Braylon
  35. Devon White
  36. Landys Greak
  37. Paul Willis
  38. Dazzy Brondza
  39. Alexander Krowlaski
  40. Mariano
  41. Mason Harker
  42. Borlat
  43. Vid Kralj
  44. taniya
  45. tali
  46. Bojan

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