10 Best Mobile App Development Companies You Should Hire in 2019

Posted by Eyden Haze . on December 30, 2018

Mobile app Development

Mobile applications have become an integral part of any business to run and stay in a highlight mode. Business heads are able to understand that how much gravity mobile applications hold and to what extent they can shoot up the business revenues.

Mobile app technology was developed to introduce the users to the new world of high-end technology and innovation. Diverse business lines are developing mobile apps for their services with a perfect implementation of strategies, features and also the analyzing the market impact of it. Gaging the best among the top mobile app development companies needs a lot of research which is difficult but not impossible.

Mobile application development companies are ruling the world today and the fact that major credit goes to the mobile applications is certainly undeniable. Transformative mobile applications are more than capable of changing the market game for any organization which is remarkable.

So, the rigorous research has given some impeccable results which have put a spotlight on the top 10 sharks of the app development industry around the globe. They hold a strong unblemished track and expanded range.



Apptology, a California based award winning mobile app Development Company founded in 2010, has delivered more than 500 amazing iOS, Android and Blackberry apps till date. They have clients of diverse industries and have designed-developed applications for startups, SMBs, enterprises, medical industry, and non-profit organizations. Their experts can design and develop mobile apps from the idea stage by assisting in defining the scope, designing user-interface and developing both the application and its backend support.

Headquarters: California, USA
Contact: information@apptology.com / 877.990.2777

Semaphore Mobile

Semaphore mobile

Based in Dallas (Texas), Semaphore Mobile is a name trusted by Fortune 500 companies as their amazing apps are never doubted when they hit the Apple Store or Google Play Store, crediting their team for their excellence in the field. The team at Semaphore has always considered it as a sole duty to serve its clients with reliable, functional and sound mobile apps, driving themselves to be recognized among the top iOS and Android app developers in the world.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Contact: sales@semaphoremobile.com / 972.679.7165



If you need a reliable, experienced, and skilled team to create your mobile application, you must check out itCraft. itCraft is a full-cycle app development studio located in Poland with a skilled and passionate staff. The company has been specializing in iOS, and Android app development since 2010. itCraft provides services from the beginning of the project all the way to the post-development phase and uses advanced technologies and unique strategies to deliver state-of-the-art products to their clients from all over the world.

Headquarters: Poland 
Contact: hello@itcraftapps.com / +44 203 514 7441



If you are looking for a trusted partner to build a mobile app or service on time and within budget, 100grams is the firm to pick. Their apps reflect their team’s skill-set, which combines mobile technical and marketing experts. They have been consistently producing top ranking apps for big brands. Contrary to many other agencies, the team at 100grams works as an extension of your business. They start every project by first understanding your business challenges and customers needs. The company specializes in building mobile-centric solutions around location services & maps, motion & fitness, telephony & messaging, video streaming and team collaboration, cloud services and financial services..

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contact: hello@100grams.io

hedgehog lab

hedgehog lab

hedgehog lab has pioneered the art of bringing high quality products and ideas into mobile space and hence is the leading iPhone App development company. They work with clients to address short-term challenges and long-term value creation and helps identify risks and opportunities associated with that. hedgehog lab’s end to end support management from pre-concept to ongoing strategic promotion and evaluation makes their iPhone app development services a benchmark for others.

Headquarters: London, UK
Contact: info@hedgehoglab.com / 0808 164-3653


Fuzz - iPhone App Development Company

Fuzz Production is leading mobile app Development Company based in New York. With an experience of more than 13 years, it provides a wide range of mobile app development services. With a clientele of 150+ customers worldwide, it has successfully delivered over 500+ projects of mobile app development. Fuzz has the creative vision to make your ideas come to life.

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: hello@fuzzproductions.com / (212) 219-7696

Synergo Group


Synergo Group has skilled workforce of software/ apps developers and designers boasting of highest caliber, versed in development standards, uses best practice methods and offers cutting-edge development technologies to its clients. Their services cover everything from strategy through to product launch, making Glance the only app development company that you need.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada 
Contact: info@synergogroup.net / (647) 560-4412



Mindsea is a successful mobile app development company, operating since 2009. Mindsea has been featured by Apple, with respect to their mobile app projects and thus earns a share of ample downloads and revenues. Its robust team ensures that your project is completed on time with its spot-on mobile expertise. Mindsea understand what MVP is and why it’s important to release the product as soon as possible and to work on KPIs.

Headquarters: Halifax, Canada 
Contact: hello@mindsea.com / +1 (833) 646‑3732

WorryFree Labs


WorryFree Labs is touted as one of the coolest app development companies in New York, that holds expertise in UI and UX design-development of mobile apps for different mobile platforms. It also aids in branding of the app and offers various other services including web app development. Some of the brands that WorryFree Labs has worked for include Disney, Herc, Arccos, CSC, and many others.

Headquarters: Brentwood, Los Angeles
Contact: hello@worryfreelabs.com / +1 (470) 223–4370


Citrusbyte has built 580+ apps for companies like Apple, AT&T, and Shutterstock.  Every project includes a “squad” of at least a product manager, two engineers, and a UX/UI designer, which allows them to build apps that delight their users, not just to meet a checklist of features.  Other companies on this list charge less, but the Citrusbyte model often results in a lower total cost because they can build your app right the first time, on time.

Headquarters: Los Angeles
Contact: info@citrusbyte.com / +1-855-825-6038



Glance is an award-winning app development company that takes great pride in crafting beautiful, behavior-driven products. We are passionate about the work we do, the team we work within and the culture that we belong to, and aim to consistently reflect that in the results that we achieve. By using psychology and extensive research into target audiences, we can provide the knowledge and resources needed to create chart-topping, customer-pleasing apps that strengthen brands and promise to be as unique as you, your business and your idea.

Headquarters: London, UK
Contact: enquiries@thisisglance.com / +442039704775



WOXAPP develops mobile apps for startups and businesses.The company makes native iOS and Android apps. Also implements the back-end part, combining design, technologies, and expertise to make ideas turn into products. Since 2011 WOXAPP implemented over 50 projects and hold the second place in the Runet rating among Ukrainian mobile developers in 2015. WOXAPP has experience in creating high-load systems, in marketing and promoting applications and also helps company speak the same language with clients.

Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
Contact: mail@woxapp.com / +7 915-338-34-82


At Softnauts, the look and feel of apps along with an interface rich in the newest features are given utmost importance for both mobile and Web. They deal with the design and development of mobile apps for Android and iOS. Keeping things minimalistic and adorable is what they truly believe in.

Headquarters: Kraków, Poland
Contact: contact@softnauts.com / +48 690-019-841

Live Typing

Live Typing-Mobile App Development Company

Live Typing is a digital development agency, specializing in mobile and web app design, that has met the needs of clients across the globe since 2009. Recently making its mark in America, the Maryland based company provides cutting edge service to clients such as Lapka (acquired by AirBnB), Condé Nast, Samsung, Sephora, Groupon, Vogue and Pepsico. Whether you are a small startup looking to launch your digital footprint, or a global company searching to take your digital platforms to the next level, this company will do it for you.

Headquarters: Washington D.C, USA
Contact: sales@livetyping.us
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