10 Best Mobile Game App Development Companies 2019

Posted by David Watson . on January 2, 2019

The era of smartphones has given a new life to the way we communicate today and this has changed everything. Topping it all with the best ever processors and feature-rich capabilities, these smartphones have got their rudimentary uses redefined.

It is quite common to get acquainted with new gadgets today, something than sounds like smartphones, or tablets, phablets being used for games or other apps. The Mobile Game App Development Companies today have excelled in the production of thousands of games for different gadgets, which is pretty cool.

Releasing free apps, with in-app purchases made available to the users has evidently allowed a wider reach of these games to the public, supported by Android, iPhone and other platforms.

This article will take you through the 10 most-popular Mobile Game App Development Companies with the best game developers that form a part of them.

[Originally Published in July 2017, Last Updated on 11th Feb 2019]


A full-service game development studio, which is all-rounder working through every corner of their iOS or Android game development. Starting off with the launch of the application and prototyping, coding, testing, UI designing, graphics and animation, GoodWorkLabs also take care of App store certification and provide support and maintenance. Their excellent game development abilities will dominate your thoughts if you give them a go.

Red Apple

Setting the benchmark for quality, Red Apple destines to turn their dreams into reality and work through their obligation of reaching impeccability. They starve to turn their innovative ideas into productive stuff and they genuinely love doing it. This HTML 5 Game development company uses every little feature of HTML 5 to satisfy the thirst of the gamers for an ultimate gaming experience.

Bigg Shark

The foundation of Bigg Shark is for their apps to be simple, yet highly functional and dependable. Designing games that resonate with sparky ideas, they work smartly, that goes hand-in-hand with their walk towards a happier life. They take up the guidelines of all App Stores seriously and pay attention to the minutest of details, one reason their iOS/Android apps hit the stores in no time.


The Mobile Game App Developers at Nimblechapps let you know what they think would work out the best, serving you the best of solutions through their research and after launching an app, provide post-launch support and maintenance, if need be. Full capabilities of your apps are now not out of reach with Nimblechapps.


Possessing the most proficient Mobile Game developers in the industry, Appaustic owns a remarkable experience in the game development field, having developed mobile game apps for numerous businesses. Your ideas are here converted into reality, much effortlessly, providing an electrifying gaming experience and also warranting their perfect execution.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains rightly claim to be the best of the Mobile Game App Development Companies today, creating native and cross-platform compatible apps. Their services, award-winning indeed, have delivered custom apps over 2000 clients from around 100 countries. This company has developed viral games for clients those of which have topped the charts of 2D and 3D mobile games with rich gaming experiences.


 A dedicated team of Mobile Game developers at VeriQual works with both the iOS and Android platforms to develop games, putting together stunning graphics and gaming mechanics. The Mobile Game App developers and designers put in their blood and sweat to deliver end-products giving clients value for money.


This Mobile Game Development Company considers developing iOS and Android games an art. Every team member of Just Total Tech has enthusiasm similar to that of an artist. A downpour of the Mobile Game App Developers’ creative grey cells and magic reflects from every game they create. They hold a record of fashioning the best games under the direction of the entertainment quotient. Every type of game is developed in this house, such as Action, Arcade, Adventure, Dice, Puzzle, and Educational Games.


IQlance is an HTML 5 Game development company with its Mobile Game App Developers having the latest know-how of technology and gaming strategies. They deliver incredible solutions to their clients with respect to the trends that the public chases during that time. Your project needs and requirements are creatively fulfilled by IQlance.


Tactica consists of a team of mobile game developers and designers, creating high-quality mobile apps, websites and social media apps, serving the clients with effective cross-platform digital media strategy. They believe games are more than just fun, they think great games can excite the users, changing them positively in their behavior and training them while educating them. These are created using Unity 3D and HTML 5 by this firm, for various platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and web.

  1. Clara Sousa Oliveira
  2. João Pinto Silva
  3. Igor Alves Correia
  4. Mitchel Habets
  5. Marlana Klein
  6. Max Shaughnessy
  7. Catherine Sidorova
  8. Love Ignatyeva
  9. Rima Fyodorova
  10. Mimir L. Bach
  11. Albert Hansen

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