10+ Best IoT App Development Companies Across the World [2019]

Posted by David Watson . on December 28, 2018

IoT is the most up-and-coming technology that’s power packed with inter-connectivity, innovation and new prospects for generating revenue. It has and continues to influence the standard of every business today. IoT has transformed the world, changing the way we see products and services today and how they are delivered to the end-user. Every company today spends its dollars on IoT application development services to establish a strong connection within the company and with the customers outside while enhancing their processes.

By 2020, as per Ericsson’s Mobility Report, about 34 million devices may be connected, joining the IoT. According to BI Intelligence, this number might escalate to 50 billion by 2020 with an expenditure of over $6 trillion on over the next 5 years on IoT application development solutions. This could be a huge feat.

There are a bunch of IoT application development companies developing highly interactive and top-notch solutions for product and service-based enterprises. If you are looking for a ranked IoT application development company, here is a list of the players in the industry, handpicked from across the world.


RapidValue is a leading provider of end-to-end mobility, omni-channel, IoT, AI and cloud solutions to enterprises worldwide. We provide innovative IoT solutions like remote asset monitoring, smart factory, predictive maintenance, equipment tracking for multiple industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment & Construction, Energy & Utilities, Logistics & Transportation. AsseteZe, a self-learning IoT-based smart asset management solution from RapidValue enables businesses create intelligent assets, provide brilliant operations and increase return on assets.

We are headquartered in Pleasanton, USA with offices in the UK, Germany, India and operations spread across Middle East, Europe and Canada. We have been featured as a Key Innovator in Remote Asset Management Market Report and IoT Testing Market Report by Markets and Markets.

Headquarters: Pleasanton, California
Contact: contactus@rapidvaluesolutions.com / +1 925-398-3344

*instinctools GmbH

instinctools GmbH

*instinctools is a Full Service IT provider based in Germany. The company offers Blockchain development, Big Data implementation, and IoT expertise, as well as vast experience in web and mobile app development for Digital Agencies, Fortune 500, and Startups across the globe. Experts at instinctools implements software solutions of any complexity, helping clients grow successful businesses online. With more than 100 tech specialists on board, they have all the necessary resources to fully support the development demands of small, mid-sized and large corporations. Headquartered in Germany, the company has representatives in the USA, Belarus, and Ukraine as well.

Headquarters: Germany
Contact: contact@instinctools.com / +375 29 666-82-93



Functioning from Poland, RIOT is a trusted name when it comes to seamless delivery of cutting-edge business solutions and implementing related technologies. Armed with a large team of experts in consulting, IOT application development, UX design, application development, testing along with the experience of delivering global projects, they offer a range of digital services and solutions. RIOT’s culture is centered around subject matter expertise, technical excellence, consulting capabilities and proven methodologies, with a strong focus on Agile and Intellectual Integration.

The company is a technology partner to big and small entities, providing them end-to-end turnkey smart products, mobile and web app solutions.

Headquarters: Kraków, Poland
Contact: hello@riot.agency / +48 798 798 802



Altimi is a Polish software house with over 15 years of experience in the Polish and foreign markets, in various sectors of the economy. With us you will expand your IT team with the right specialists or with the entire project team.

We employ over 180 specialists, working in a wide range of technologies, including Java, JavaScript, C++, .NET, Android and iOS. Teams can work at your office or remotely, in our service center. It’s as if your own IT team were in a different room, maintaining the corporate culture and acting in accordance with strategic goals.

With our expanded portfolio, we offer comprehensive services including the creation of dedicated software, web and mobile applications, tests and specialist services for embedded systems.

Headquarters: Wrocław, Poland
Contact: biuro@altimi.com / +48 71 786 08 00



Jelvix is one of the top software development companies having a deep expertise in IoT, Big Data and AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. We help clients worldwide to implement innovative ideas and create outstanding products that boost business growth and delight customers. Our clients get fully personalized approach to their needs and quality control at all stages of project development. Feel free to contact Jelvix experts and describe your idea or problem to get a professional feedback.

Headquarters: Ukraine
Contact: hello@jelvix.com / +1 240 507 54 71

Helix Tech


In 2013, when the Indian startups had just started gaining momentum & Smartphones were picking up faster than ever, two new IT graduates started building mobile apps, making the most of this wave. Five years since and we’ve consulted close to 500+ Apps for over 100 clients across 6 continents. Our goal is simple – Amaze our clients by delivering high quality software which run smoothly, strategically & predictably. It was voted as the company of the year by CIO review & has ranked among the top 30 companies to watch out for by Silicon Review.

We’re running a non-profit initiative called HT for STUDENTS, where we educate along with our commitment towards being a practice school station for BITS. It comprises of training students in app development every summer at our HQ in Goa.

Headquarters: Journalist Colony Alto Porvorim, India
Contact: contact@helixtech.co / 0832 241 4401


Bitsens is an ambitious digital agency located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in Northern Europe.

Based on our vast experience involving a multitude of digitally-based projects, Bitsens has gathered a large team of professionals ready to meet your needs and develop your ideas. Our professionals excel at developing custom mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms that can boost user experience to completely new levels.

We design interactive, functional and user-friendly applications across platforms. Each app we develop reflects industry standards of quality and convenience with a variety of unique features, keeping your vision and concepts in mind. Our expertise in UX, user experience, and UI, user interface, connecting business goals with customer satisfaction, will strengthen your digital presence. Time saving IOT technology allows us to quickly create feature rich solutions to accommodate continual growth and change. With our unique approach to design and a team of super-hero developers, we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact: hello@bitsens.com / +370 604 29 243

First Line Software

First Line Software, Headquartered in the US, is a premier provider of custom software development,technology enablement services and value-add consulting in big data-engineering, digitalization, intellectual integration, industrial Internet and IoT, digital media and marketing, and enterprise content management as well as healthcare IT.

The company has been recognized with multiple annual rankings and awardsby the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), Global Services, Corporate Live Wire, Insights Success, Ventana Research and CNews. We were the first tobe awarded with the Scrum Capability Medallion by Scrum, Inc. Most recently, research firm Gartner included First Line in their first ever Market Guide for Technology Integrators (2014) and the Cool Vendor in Applications Services 2015Report. We are active members in Object Management Group and IndustrialInternet Consortium. FLS is also an EPiServer Solutions Partner.

First Line ran over 400 projects in 15 countries in 14 different industries. We haveglobal clients across North America, Europe and Australia, including Accenture,Bonnier Group, Clinic to Cloud, Dell Software, Inner Workings, Partners HealthCare, Solita, Via store, and others.

Headquarters: Cambridge MA, USA 
Contact: sales@firstlinesoftware.com / +1-877-737-7178

ITA Labs

ITA Labs

ITA Labs specializes in Internet of Things and other high load backend software development, pushing through innovation and vibrant technologies, aiding budding businesses to harness their true potential whilst realizing its own tech-aura. The software developed by ITA Labs for customers successfully deployed and used on three continents of the world.

Headquarters: Russia, Moscow
Contact: labs@ita-labs.com / (495) 660-39-60


With headquarters in Leeds (UK), Pocketworks is an IoT application development company which promises full-service software design and development, committing a clean success to their clients. This award-winning company helps entrepreneurs and enterprises by delivering first-rate, clean and on budget apps and software on time.

Headquarters: Leeds, UK 
Contact: hello@pocketworks.co.uk / 0113 400 1454


HQSoftware is a trusted custom software development company delivering complex solutions across the globe since 2001. The company’s core domains include Internet of Things (Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Smart City, etc.), Augmented and Virtual Reality, E-learning, Finance and Banking, and Video solutions. For the IoT vertical the team provides any development above low-level programming for hardware: from high-level development for devices and sensors to web and mobile application development and third-party integrations. HQSoftware’s transparent development processes and established workflows enabled the team to successfully deliver over 400 projects to such world-known brands as HTC, BBC, Skoda, Sega, World Health Organization, The United Nations, and many other.

Their backend tech stack encompasses: PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Node.js, IoT.js, Device.js; Front-end technologies: HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Less, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, React, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap; Mobile expertise: development for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, Cross-platform and Hybrid programming.

Headquarters: Estonia, Northern Europe
Contact: estonia@hqsoftwarelab.com / +372 712 00 22


Sirin Software

Being a Ukrainian IT service provider, Sirin Software is one of the best IoT application development companies to offer custom software development services through dedicated teams for leading enterprises. The kind of industries they have worked with include e-commerce, e-learning, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Finance. They specialize in Web Development (PHP, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS, UI/UX design, JavaScript), Quality Assurance, Android and iOS app development. Their clients constitute SMEs and large enterprises, web design studios, technology startups, online marketing agencies and others.

Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine 
Contact: info@sirinsoftware.com / +38 044 592 50 87

Y Media Labs

Having developed over 20 products, Y Media Labs deserves the second top position in this list of IoT application development companies around the world. Since 2009, it has received app requests from great brands like Paypal, Staples, North Face and EMC. The cooperation and unity among the 170 employees helps them to see through the tech-barriers that others cannot. As technology leaders in the market, they have established a total of four offices across the world. They believe the end-users could be touched through an incomparable app and software when emotional connections are considered with their clients and their work. They are currently headquartered in California.

Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
Contact: business@ymedialabs.com / +1-415-839-8584



Elinext is well-experienced in developing IoT solutions for major brands like Siemens, P&G, Parrot, CA Technologies and more. They prefer working with the most advanced technologies available like .Net, PHP, Sharepoint and Anguar JS.

Their key domains include enterprise software, IoT, Business Intelligence, and Big Data. With great technical expertise, worldwide recognition and extensive experience, they are one of the powerful IoT application development companies known today.

Headquarters: New York, USA
Contact: info@elinext.com / +1 516 393 5818


DevSquad is a unique software development shop with a focus on agile processes and true scrum methodology. Using a tested, iterative process and solid tech, DevSquad builds ideas into products, and they do it fast.

Dedicating a full team to each project, every app is built and enhanced by a squad of Senior Developers, a Product Manager, and a Scrum Master. In this way, DevSquad is able to achieve maximum efficiency, synchrony among team members, and full transparency for founders and stakeholders. Ultimately, DevSquad’s core value is accountability to the product, and their results prove it.

Headquarters: Winchester, Murray
Contact: info@devsquad.com / +1 801 656 0470

Imperium Apps

Based in Berlin, Germany, this company offers its app development services, inclusive of Internet of Things Software development services, focusing on Android, iOS, Wearable, Alexa and TV apps. Professional developers at Imperium Appsare keen to work with latest technologies and have developed essential iOS apps that have been featured by Apple around the World.

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
Contact: info@imperiumapps.com / +49 30 92147594

Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech was hired by top-notch companies, global startups and Fortune 500 companies like RedHat, Deloitte, Samsung, Tata, Hess and QNAP. The company fashioned brilliant solutions in the fields of healthcare, lifestyle, e-Commerce, beauty, food and beverages, finance and billing, social networking, Media and Entertainment, and many more. It was also ranked as the best iPhone app development company in 2015.

Headquarters: Houston, Texas
Contact: info@mobisoftinfotech.com / +1 855-572-2777


TechMagic is an IoT application development company from Ukraine and as a successful starter, has helped other entrepreneurs to excel in their endeavors. It executes the Lean Startup Methodology and also believes Minimal Viable Product development to be a tool to see if a concept works. While developing exceptional solutions that fit the trend these days, they use Agile to make rapid iterations.


Founded in 2006, Sourcebits was ranked second thanks to their innovative business strategy and unbeatable agile application development. It provides IoT application development services, delivering excellent user experiences. The team of developers here is capable of building efficient and successful applications and delivering the same to leading brands since 2006.


Functioning from branches in Edinburgh, London, Dundee and Glasgow, Waracle is a trusted name when it comes to seamless delivery of cutting-edge mobile solutions and implementing related technologies. Waracle specializes in Internet of Things Software development, pushing through innovation and vibrant technologies, aiding budding businesses to harness their true potential whilst realizing it own tech-aura.

Nextware Technologies

Nextware Technologies develop high-quality solutions and work along the field of delivering upright IT and business process services. The Nextware team includes an expertise that’s technically skilled, agile and responsive. They are an all-rounder, ranging from IT services to software and application development. They guarantee the quality and the type of application you need, be it a custom web application or a mobile/desktop application. They also serve their clientele through business process automation, software integration, cloud hosting and software implementation.


Ready4S supports quality IT outsourcing from around the world and tops the list of the most recommended mobile application developer in the US. Based in Poland, this firm started out as a small team of developers, quality analysts, and business analysts to equip startups and entrepreneurs with high-tech and persuasive apps, helping them be known as an imperial brand amidst global audience.


Popular for its intelligent mobile solutions and software products, IntellectSoft is a full-time, full-service custom software development company providing IoT application development services to its clientele. Founded in 2007, this company has a pretty expensive skill-set to meet the needs of enterprises. If you are just getting started with your mobile application development, Intellectsoft is your go-to place. It has offices in London, Oslo, Silicon Valley, New York and Minsk as well. Recognized for its honesty and genuineness in work, they have proven experience in software development, making them eligible to fulfill their client’s complex app needs and necessities.

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