20 Best AdSense Optimised WordPress Themes To Boost Your Revenue

Posted by Sunalini Rana . on April 4, 2018

No matter how many ad networks are present in the market, none of them can come close to Google AdSense, let alone replace it. Hundreds of thousands of publishers from all over the world have their faith aligned with it. They earn a living using Google’s ad network and are pretty happy with the way things work in general. However, with the rising competition level, it’s getting tougher for them to generate consistent earnings on a month-to-month basis.

Just in case you happen to be a blogger or internet marketer and want to avoid this situation, then act before things get out of your hands. What you can do is make necessary changes in your website, it’s code and the overall design. The best way to move ahead is by opting for an AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

If you try to edit your existing theme manually, it will take a lot of your time and efforts. Instead, you can have a customized WordPress theme supporting AdSense ad network installed on your site and get rid of all these doubts.

To make your job easy and trouble-free, we have listed down 20 best WordPress themes to increase AdSense revenue. You can select one of these themes and boost your AdSense earnings by a significant margin.

1. Ad-Sense

No list of AdSense optimized themes can be prepared without including Ad-Sense in it. Ever since its official launch, Ad-Sense has been enjoying top rankings among all AdSense optimized themes. Some of its primary features are ad placement, ad management, ad blocker detection and most importantly blocking content for those users who have an ad blocker activated on their browsers. This theme is fully SEO ready and responsive to different devices. Put it on your site and witness a quick change in the earnings right from day one.

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2. Viral

Just in case you run a viral niche web portal receiving a lot of traffic from different social media networks, then this is the perfect theme to install. It is lightweight, beautiful, modern, stylishly designed and comes with a unique homepage layout. Regardless of which niche you decide to explore, Viral’s eye-catching carousel, beautiful typography, flexible galleries, and powerful theme panel will make your job very easy and hassle-free.

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3. Admania

One of the factors that play a crucial role in ad earnings is CTR (click through rate). With Admania theme, you can increase it by a compelling margin. It comes with six beautiful layouts, all of which have sufficient targeted space to insert advertisements and make readers click them. Even after these customizations in place, Admania loads super fast and performs well on different device screens.

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4. Adsos

Adsos has a minimalist and clean design, fully optimized for search engines and AdSense. With it, you can quickly gain first page rankings and also increase ad CTR. Some of the other features of Adsos include responsive design, lightning fast speed, easy to modify, unlimited color combinations, mobile friendliness, live customizer, retina ready, lifetime updates and support. This theme can be installed on sites revolving around different niches as long as they are monetized through Google AdSense.

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5. SocialNow

One of the most influential themes for sites relying heavily on social media traffic. It is powered by a useful navigation bar that makes it effortless for users to locate any content easily. Apart from this, SocialNow comes with a professionally designed homepage, multiple category options, inbuilt community tools to increase your site’s presence on various social media platforms, and a lightweight design.

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6. Truemag

It is one of the most preferred themes for all the sellers and AdSense publishers. Truemag’s robust design and irresistible features help users monetize their sites using multiple income streams. It has dedicated space reserved for Google AdSense ad units to ensure that your website gets maximum clicks, thereby high earnings. One feature that sets apart Truemag from other themes is ad hotspot; they are strategically placed throughout the theme to get users’ attention without affecting the overall experience.

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7. Featured

If your goal is to create a user-friendly magazine-style publication which supports AdSense and many other affiliate networks, then give a shot to Featured without any further delay. It’s equipped with a fantastic homepage layout, fast loading time, social media buttons, proper ad space and multiple color options.

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8. Verb Pro

Verb Pro is considered as one of the most attractive and ad-friendly options for sites targeting tech, entertainment, business, finance, sports and other relevant niches. Some of its primary features include live theme customizer, translation ready, Featured Posts section, inbuilt support for MailChimp forms, Google font integration, social sharing and SEO ready. Verb Pro is easy to install and comes with well-documented codes, ensuring that you don’t face any technical issue while customizing it.

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9. Motina

Motina is a lightweight, beautiful and fast loading theme having the potential to increase your ad revenue by a significant margin. It is ideally suited for websites covering topics like travel, lifestyle, health, tech, business, sports, etc. Motina comes with an advanced level of pagination, easily editable code, responsive design, Gallery Lightbox, mobile-friendly layout, live customizer, necessary arrangements for image optimization, custom widgets, smart menu, infinite scroll and lifetime support.

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10. Clean

As the name suggests, Clean is one of the most elegantly designed minimalistic themes built for those site owners who wish to develop clutter-free blogs with different customization options. Given its simple and beautiful design, Clean is good enough to be used on sites covering different niches. Not to mention, it has targeted ad space for better CTR and user engagement. So, install it now and increase your on-site user engagement as well as ad revenue immediately.

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11. Arbitrage

Arbitrage is one of the most preferred native ad themes in the world. Apart from getting you high CTR, this theme offers many other unique features, such as clean code, fast loading time, eye-catching and modern layout, SEO ready framework, mobile responsiveness, editable in real time, unlimited color combinations, widgets ready, large Facebook share button, fully optimized images, and lifetime support.

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12. Simple Sense

If you are in search of an AdSense friendly theme that’s beautiful, minimalistic and lightweight, then Simple Sense is an ideal option for you. It loads fast, comes with a unique layout and most importantly has vital locations reserved for ad units for higher than usual CTR. If you want all the site visitors to focus on your content and not fleshy animations, graphics, etc., and at the same time want to ensure a good ad CTR, then go ahead with this theme without any second thought.

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13. BlogSpring

Unlike many other themes, BlogSpring provides flexible and highly customizable sidebars for maximum user engagement. With it, you can have a sidebar either on right side or left or even both if you wish so. Besides, it has unique post layouts, color concepts, fast loading speed, robust ad management system and a powerful theme customizer for making real-time changes. Have it installed on your site and take your earnings to newer heights.

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14. Novapress

Starting a viral niche site in today’s time is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. With Novapress, you can simply go ahead and make as many viral sites as you want. Its responsive grid layout, eye-catching social sharing icons, infinite scroll, and multiple user engagement buttons have the power to get immediate user attention and boost site traffic. On top of all these features, Novapress comes with strategically located ad spaces for better than expected ad clicks and revenues.

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15. SociallyViral

This theme requires no introduction. Ever since its launch, the SociallyViral theme has been enjoying top position among bloggers and site owners having or willing to create websites around topics such as entertainment, lifestyle, tech, food, viral and general. It is super-fast, comes with fantastic homepage design, ideally located ad spaces, multiple category options, mobile friendly and search engine optimization. SociallyViral has attractive social sharing buttons for targeting social traffic. Go for it if you wish to create a viral site getting targeted traffic from search engines and different social media platforms.

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16. GoMedia

Many a time, bloggers and site owners fail to make desired changes in their themes for maximum ROI. The main reason responsible for it is lack of coding knowledge. You don’t have to face any such problem with GoMedia theme. It is a magazine style theme loaded with features such as live customizer, multi-category option, targeted ad space, Featured Posts area, endless color options, and much more.

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17. MH Squared

If your goal is to have a theme that looks beautiful, loads very fast, comes with ample ad spaces and insert options, and works quite well on different devices, then go ahead and check out MH Squared. It is a perfect combination of responsive design, powerful features, and user-friendly approach. The theme’s customizable widgets make content and theme editing extremely easy and hassle-free. It is ideally suited for dynamic news-oriented sites, tech blogs, business blogs, healthcare websites and other web portals exploring similar topics.

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18. Fashion Chic

Running a fashion blog and keeping it profitable are two most difficult tasks in today’s time. This niche demands you to have expert knowledge about the subject matter and be aware of different methods to articulate your expertise in engaging content. If you are serious about succeeding as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, then showcase your knowledge to users in an attractive way with Fashion Chic theme. It is clean, lightweight and performs well on desktops and smartphones, fulfills all SEO parameters and comes with a solid theme panel for making desired changes in the overall appearance of your site.

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19. Magazine

As the name suggests, Magazine is a perfectly designed theme for sites having a lot of high-quality content. It comes with multiple post layouts, post formats, inbuilt social sharing buttons, incredible design and a second to none homepage. The theme has the potential and features to not only keep users engaged on your site but also prompt them to click on strategically located advertisements, thereby ensuring high ad revenue. Just in case you run a tech, entertainment, business, healthcare, sports, lifestyle, fashion or even a political niche blog and are looking forward to giving it a unique look, then use this theme without any further delay.

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20. Feminine

There are not many themes that are designed for the sole purpose of highlighting feminine stories, girly talks and content revolving around women, their hobbies, likes & dislikes, latest trends and much more. If you run a website that covers these topics, then wait no more before giving Feminine a shot. This sublimely designed theme comes with over three fantastic post layouts and as many numbers of slider layouts to give your site an incredible look. Besides, it has fast loading time, unlimited color combinations and an SEO friendly design work like icing on the cake.

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Eventually, it all comes down to how flexible you are about making your site search engine friendly. The sooner you take relevant actions to increase your ad CTR and user engagement, the better results you’ll get in the long run. So, stop worrying about decreasing AdSense revenue and take proper actions to handle this situation correctly. The WordPress themes mentioned above are loaded with necessary features and customization options to instantly boost your ad revenue. Choose any one of them that fits the bill and turn your fortunes around immediately.

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