40+ Delicious Examples of Chocolate Packaging Designs

Posted by Eyden Haze . on November 4, 2016

Chocolates are everyone darling – even you love giving them to your loved ones as a gift. Apart from its amazing taste, chocolates all the time come with a yummy packaging as well. Here we are showcasing a collection of 40+ Delicious Examples of Chocolate Packaging Designs.

The use of colors range from gentle to vivacious, and at times in shades of tanned you never knew to be present. You would be amazed to know that how effortlessly one can tell whether a chocolate being sold is from abroad, premium, or fruit-flavored just by looking at the packaging design.

Les Recettes de L’Atelier

1.Les Recettes de L’Atelier

Eid ul Fitr – Chocolate Packaging Design Series


Brisk Chocolates

3.Brisk Chocolates

Mast Brothers Chocolate

4.Mast Brothers Chocolate

Luxury Chocolate Series

5.Luxury Chocolate Series

OnBrand Chocolate Packaging

5.OnBrand Chocolate Packaging



Stationary Design – A Royal Letterhead

8.Stationary Design – A Royal Letterhead

Premium Chocolate Bars NUGALI

9.Premium Chocolate Bars NUGALI

Guilty Pleasures

10.guilty pleasures

Chocolate bars – Patterned

11.Chocolate bars – Patterned

Digital collage

12.Digital collage



Bon Bon’s Candy House

14.Bon Bon’s Candy House

Real Chocolate

15.Real Chocolate

Xocolatl Chocolate

16.Xocolatl Chocolate



Mon Choco

18.Mon Choco

The White Chocolate

19.The White Chocolate

Chic&Choc, organic chocolate

20.Chic&Choc, organic chocolate

Zhuli-Buli Chocolate Packing

21.Zhuli-Buli Chocolate Packing

Choco & Co Special Edition

22.Choco & Co

Zoet | Brand Identity

23.Zoet Brand Identity

Macondo Chocolate Co

24.Macondo Chocolate Co

XOCO ––– mexican craft chocolate

25.XOCO ––– mexican craft chocolate

Le chocolat des Français

26.Le chocolat des Français

Lípa Store

27.Lípa Store

Hush Chocolate — Packaging

28.Hush Chocolate — Packaging

Handmade Chocolate Package

29.Handmade Chocolate Package

Muse Chocolate Origins

30.Muse Chocolate Origins

Chocolate? Yes, Please

31.ChocolateYes Please.

Bendito Choco

32.Bendito Choco

Ritual Chocolate Bar Detail

33.Ritual Chocolate Bar Detail

Branding & Packaging Design for Marijuana Edibles Company

34.Branding & Packaging Design for Marijuana Edibles Company

Roasting Masters

35.Roasting Masters

LYRA BEAN-TO-BAR chocolate

36.LYRA BEAN-TO-BAR chocolate

Fruene Chocolate

37.Fruene Chocolate

Cocoa Colony

38.Cocoa Colony

MarblePunch Chocolate Bar Packaging

39.MarblePunch Chocolate Bar Packaging

Handmade Chocolate Package

40.Handmade Chocolate Package

Le Temps Chocolate

41.Le Temps Chocolate



Wishing you a super sweet & splendid holiday!

43.Wishing you a super sweet & splendid holiday!

Salazōn Chocolate Bars

45.Salazōn Chocolate Bars

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