5 Useful Video Editors For Online Retailers

Posted by Eyden Haze . on December 6, 2018

Free video editors can help create valuable video content for online retailers or even brick n’ mortar or mom n’ pop shops that have any online presence whatsoever.

There are many benefits of video marketing for online retailers and businesses in general. A good video amplifies your sales pitch or marketing efforts. Masterfully combined with text (copy) and graphics (photos, etc), multimedia content can drive positive engagement, conversation and conversion.

In the past it was costly to produce such video content until YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Instagram Video, IGTV, etc stepped into the picture. Now with free video editing software it gets even better, easier, cheaper, actually free.

A video editor is basically a tool, software or application that allows you tweak a video to your taste. It allows you add effects, colors, sound and other embellishments to your video to spruce it up.

These free video editing software or app can also work with your smartphone to produce crisp low-to-no-budget videos for your online store, Facebook Page/Ad or Instagram TV.

Here are Some Reasons Why Video Marketing is Great

In recent times video (marketing) has been trending, literally going from here to there. The chart below pictures video’s popularity among searchers in the last half decade.

As video increases in popularity so is video editor or video editing software as people seek to create more creative videos. The image below shows the number of Google search results for video editor:

Similarly, statistics have the following to say about video:

  • “In the last 30 days more online TV content has been uploaded to the web than in the last 30 years of TV content
  • The average American spends 15 hours a week viewing digital video
  • 94% of respondents in a Facebook survey (of one million people) have a smartphone on hand while watching TV, and viewers focus on the TV screen just 53% of the time (Facebook, 2018)
  • Millennials’ mobile consumption has now eclipsed their live TV consumption (comScore, 2018)
  • During TV shows, viewers paid attention to mobile 28% of the time, and during TV ads, they paid attention to mobile more than half the time. People ages 18–24 looked at their smartphones 60% of the time during TV ads, and people ages 45 and over did so 41% of the time (Facebook, 2018)
  • Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store (ThinkWithGoogle)
  • 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases
  • Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers (DMB Adobe)
  • Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say video has given them ideas for purchases, and more than 90% of them say they’ve discovered these products and brands on YouTube (Google, 2018)”

As a result many retailers are already using video as part of their larger marketing strategy and you can bet not all are “Made with Vevo”, some are made with free video editing software right from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Here are 11 Reasons To Try Free Video Editors Today

  • They’re (mostly) free and fun to use
  • They’re mobile friendly
  • They’re user friendly
  • There’re Android, iOS, desktop versions
  • There are tons to choose from
  • There are templates
  • They have tutorials
  • Projects can be saved and shared across social networks
  • Output is professional
  • Many businesses already use online video editing software
  • Video is a powerful marketing tool

Now that we know why to use video editing software we shall proceed to look at some really cool video editors.

5 Free Video Editors You Should Try

Larger video editing projects are best done with desktop based video editing software whereas mobile video editors can handle smaller projects due to RAM, ROM or processor limitations.

In this post we’re covering mobile video editors and following are 5 really good mobile video editing software you should check out:



Ease of use or usability is a key ranking factor in today’s mobile app space, a thing Splice is well known for. Splice is a popular iOS based video editing software that allows users cut, edit, duplicate, polish and publish top quality videos on mobile with just a few taps.

It also comes with an extensive built-in library from where you can add sounds and other transitions as you wish. GoPro created Splice for videos on the go. This sleek video editor works only on iOS with iPhone and iPad.



True to its name, Horizon is a video editing app that allows users capture video in horizontal landscape format irrespective of phone orientation. This is in contrast to IGTV which allows Instagrammers shoot only vertical format videos.

Horizon is an easy to use video editor that does the job lying down. The iOS version is a little more advanced than its Android cousin. This video editor may require some in-app purchases.



GoPro built Quik for both iOS and Android. Quik is another video editing app that allows users edit videos professionally and quickly. It lacks all the bells and whistles Splice packs but still does a good job of video editing.

Quik’s auto trim and edit speed up the video editing process by automatically trimming and editing videos according to default settings. It can also add transitions automatically. Users can also do these manually for more customized output.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Clip

From FlashPlayer to Photoshop and dozens in between, Adobe continues to develop and deliver top quality multimedia solutions. Adobe Premiere Clip is a cool video editor that seamlessly integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro.

As a standalone app, it allows both iOS and Android users edit and personalize videos with a few taps. There’s a built-in library with royalty-free tracks and the app also allows you add your own music, transitions and autocorrect to your videos.



Boomerang is a photo-to-video app that helps you quickly convert your photos to videos. With this video editing app you can take a quick shot of up to 10 photos and watch Boomerang convert it into a mini-video which you can easily publish to Instagram.

Boomerang was created and is owned by Instagram. This Instagram video editor/creator works well on iOS and Android, although it is very limited in functionality.


The role of video in marketing cannot be overemphasized. If pictures say a thousand words, videos say a thousand times more. With a good video editing software or app like these covered above, you can create better marketing videos for your store, business or brand.

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