10+ Best AngularJS Tutorials Useful for Developers

Posted by David Watson . on October 13, 2016

AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework which is used in Single Page Application projects. It expands HTML DOM with added attributes and makes it even more responsive. The framework is widely used by a number of developers which is open source and comes completely free. Generally people use the AngularJS docs to learn the framework but it is not enough for beginners unless they study an appropriate tutorial about it. This is why we have covered below some popular AngularJS tutorials which will help you learn it easily.

AngularJS CodeAcademy


AngularJS CodeAcademy teaches you the Angular basics, services, controllers, filters and directives. You’ll be given a detailed explanation on each topic with proper instructions in the editor.

AngularJS Youtube Channel


AngularJS YouTube Channel is one of the most convenient and useful ways to learn AngularJS. The YouTube channel consists of a number of tutorials and videos on AngularJS. Learning from videos is much easier and beginners will be able to learn in a faster way from this.

Shaping Up with AngularJS


Shaping Up with AngularJS is another free and interactive way to learn AngularJS. This is an Angular Code bundle from Code School and beginners can learn to AngularJS by adding behavior to the HTML and speeding up the application’s responsiveness.

AngularJS Tutorial for Designers


This tutorial requires the basic JavaScript knowledge. AngularJS Tutorial for Designers demonstrates about AngularJS and help designers on writing on interaction website.

Better way to learn AngularJS


This tutorial is based on 12 useful topics where each topic is explained precisely. The reading materials come from the other sites including Angular official doc.

Animating AngularJS apps


These useful animations by NG view help you the AngularJS program very easily. This is a single page app that works more like a native mobile application. In this tool, they’ll use ngRoute for page routing, ngAnimate for creating page animations and CSS Animations.

AngularJS – Tutorialpoint


Angular JS Turialpoint is specifically designed for software professionals who yearn to learn the AngularJS basics in its programming concepts. The tutorial is explained in very simple and easy steps where the modules of AngularJS are explained with relevant examples.

Absolute Beginner Guide


Absolute Beginner Guide is a tutorial that explains the front end languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. If you are experienced in jQuery then you’ll be easily able to cope with it.

AngularJS – Beginner to Expert 7 Steps Series


An initiative by NG newsletter that help beginners turn into experts. The tutorial also consists of 3 ebooks with snippets.

AngularJS Docs


This is the simplest way to learn AngularJS. You just need to go through this tutorial which takes you through the architecture of AngularJS web app.

AngularJS in 60 Minutes


This 60 minutes video tutorial will help you learn the AngularJS fundamentals. The creator Dan Wahlin gives you an idea about the concepts, basics, resources and demo about AngularJS.

Thus, you can see these lists of apps are quite helpful and beneficial for every AngularJS beginner. You won’t find such convenience and ease while going through any other book on AngularJS as these sites provide you. Learning is fun but it is more enjoyable when the tutorial is interactive and more engaging. Hope you find these websites very helpful.

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