Why Building a Website From Scratch is the Best Option

Posted by David Watson . on November 27, 2018

Modern day business understands the importance of having an online presence and it is imperative that all the organizations do have some sort of online presence. Many businesses have realized the power of using social media as an effective marketing tool to reach out to a larger section of the population. However, having a mere online presence or a having a marketing strategy would not be enough as most of the organizations do have an online presence. There needs to be a unique identity which needs to be built up that will differentiate a business from others.

A dynamic website which effectively communicates the information to potential customers could make the difference that sets you apart.

Today I would like to discuss top 5 benefits of having customized website development. Let’s take a look:

It is all about owning the code

Having an idea and seeing it translate into reality is a fulfilling experience. Starting to write a code, line-line and see your ideal shaping up into a digital reality would encourage one to pursue further in developing the code. There could be instances where the code might not be perfect but you would still feel happy of writing your own code. And before you even realize, you might have completed writing the code of your website. With the code written by you, the control of the website is not totally in your hands.

Being Unique Sets You Apart

A website that you are developing is a reflection of your imagination and vision. Every aspect of the website is what you envision it to be. Expand the horizons of your imagination to come up with unique and creative ways to design your websites. Try to explore and try different techniques. Being bold, free and open to explore would help in identifying you won way of building a website. Having a bigger vision at the start of developing the website and working your way towards realizing that dream would help you to grow as a professional.

Find the Bugs Early

One of the advantages of writing your own code is that you would have a holistic understanding of the structure. This helps you to easily locate where the problem lies and work on fixing the bug. Since you have a complete control over the overall code, there would not be much time in not only locating the bugs & glitches but also fix them quickly.

Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses are dynamic in nature and the website should be able to reflect the same. Therefore, building a website which can be scalable to accommodate the growth of your business as well as flexible enough to accommodate the scalability is an important aspect to be considered. Your website should be capable of handling higher traffic volumes.

However, the challenges are that most of the website builders do not have the capability of supporting the scalability of a website. The best option would be to depend on custom built website which will provide more options for flexibility and scalability of the website.

Improve Speed of Your Website

There are many aspects in a CMS built website which influences its speed. CMS options tend to cater to a wide variety of users which in turn creates bloatware that might not be actually needed. This bloatware further effects the overall integrity of the website and takes a lot of time for the website to load. This causes a visible slow performance of the website.

However, if you are custom building your website, you have the control to use the features which are required by your site and do away with those which effect the functionality of the website. Custom built website tends to me more faster and do not carry the lag caused by websites on CMS platforms.

Final Words

A poorly written code should not be a hindrance for you to explore further. Many of the expert coders have written messy codes when they were starting off. Instead of getting used to pre-written pieces of codes or readymade templates it is advisable to start of learning the basics of developing a code. The efforts put in to gain knowledge would be fruitful in the future as you start writing your own efficient codes. Continuous practice in writing the code is the only way of improving further. The confidence gained would help you to explore further on experimenting new designs and develop customized websites on you own.

However, in case you do not have much time on hand & expertise to design a website, you can enlist the help of Parxavenue’s web designers, who have the expertise in designing customized website as per your vision.

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