Design Trends We Can Expect in 2017 [Infographic]

Posted by David Watson . on February 20, 2017

Looking at past trends in digital design is neat reminder of how quickly consumer needs and technological capabilities evolve. The job of great design is to adapt to the changing demands of modern life.

Over the past few years, flat design has come to prominence in the world of digital design. At once incredibly usable and aesthetically pleasing, flat design truly made the most out of the medium of the screen. This lead to a huge explosion in responsive and drag-and-drop web templates that we’ve seen all over the web.

But now that we’re a few years into the reign of flat design, it has started to feel as if every website on the internet looks exactly the same. Flat design has become so ubiquitous that it is often difficult to distinguish one website from the next.

Thankfully, many of the emerging and established design trends of 2017 are bringing some edginess and added depth to flat design. With a departure from the minimalist tendencies of years prior, the design trends of 2017 offer some much needed color and personality to the digital landscape. The following digital design Infographic shows four trends from 2016 which are still flourishing in the new year, as well as four up and coming trends to keep an eye out for:

Click on the Image to see a bigger and clear Infographic Image:

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