Factors Affecting Your E-Commerce Conversions

Posted by David Watson . on November 2, 2017

Are you working on increasing your eCommerce conversion rate? Do you like to make maximum profit with the modern eCommerce activity? Before starting your eCommerce business, you need to understand complete factors that could affect your eCommerce conversion rate. You could have already tested major changes such as placement of product photos, headlines, call-to-action buttons and much more. When you are not seeing any gain, then you could have issues that are nibbling away the conversion rate. Below are little-known factors that could affect the success of your eCommerce conversion rate and tips about the easiest ways to fix them.

Not Tracking Your Changes

To test, measure or evaluate the changes affecting your conversion rate, there is no need to use the fancy system. However, you need to know each change also affects your whole site. eCommerce Conversions rate could be decreased with the changes made on your WebPages so it is important to track on the website every time. Of course, it is prominent to gain more conversion rate even though you lose in the sheer traffic. Even as simple as some Excel spreadsheet could also easily helps you to identify the changes in “testing chain” resulted thus allowing you to easily improve the conversion rate overall.

For example, increasing size of product image on the site could cause you to easily lose your website traffic on the account with long loading time. Of course, it also gives you more customers who were browsing to get a detailed look at your product that brings more motivation.

Choosing Wrong Background Color

Color psychology absolutely plays the very important role about the methods of perceiving the website. Of course, it creates the best impression upon the first look so you can easily improve the color of WebPages with typical blue background and for the content area, you can choose the simple white color. These are the popular choice tames it easier for the website to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, many people choose surge of bold, simple and bright hues that have direct statements to shut out amid the color scheme.


No one likes to use a website full of spam or CAPTCHA. Combination of these two with the squiggly letters and numbers entered that helps to prove that you are human are normally used for verification bit most users feel it difficult every time to access the website with CAPTCHA. Nowadays, the CAPTCHAS are considered as the standard way for the automated form submissions. Of course, CAPTCHA is most important so when they are turned Off, few spam emails could easily get through, however, no conversion will be lost in such process. Turning CAPTCHA back would result in the more failed conversion. When you are using the CAPTCHA for your application form for fighting spam, then you can disable the option temporarily. NuCAPTCHA is the alternative to the CAPTCHA on the market that brings you promising options for preventing spam and increases the spam through your form.

Font Size or Style

Website font styles attract more viewers so it is necessary to design the website with user-friendly and most attractive features. When you are worried about the Website Conversion, you need to concentrate on the small areas of your website as they are worth to increase your ROI. When the font size is too small, then the users could not able to read so viewers will skip your webpage and take their business elsewhere. Modern browsers allow us to adjust the text size based on the preference but many people have no idea about the process. Most people love reading fonts with fonts like Arial or Verdana that is helpful for you to read more quickly.

Responsive design

Website with responsive design acts as the crucial option for increasing the features of website. 35% of websites are accessed via Smartphone and Tablets. According to the recent data proves that mobile internet become the integral part in online business. Website at top ranking at the search engine brings more option to have widened website traffic. eCommerce store could enhance the eCommerce Sales with the SEO integration and optimized for easy navigation. Responsive website is really best solution for enhancing a better user experience that is offered by website.

Example: eCommerce website have vast product catalog but only a few of them could be displayed instantly. Using the dedicated mobile App, it would be easier for improving a better customer experience.

Integrate reviews

How often have you looked at the reviews before purchasing? Reviews or ratings of the products or services increase the online presence. When more people access the eCommerce website, web traffic increases automatically leading to the top ranking in the search engine.

Conclusion : eCommerce site has the main goal of selling the product. eCommerce carts will be abandoned with the total conversion rate of about 1.9%. To improve your e-commerce conversions, follow the above instructions carefully and they are quite helpful for increasing ROI.

About the Author : Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working as blogger and professional Digital Marketer for Digital Muscle- An Affordable SEO Company in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage team of SEO Experts. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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