How To Choose The Right Lamp for Each Room

Posted by David Watson . on October 1, 2018

Well-placed lamps can really make a big difference to a room. Not only are they a great way to refresh a room, they are also an effective way to alter the way a room appears, and enhancing the mood in a space. There are types of lamps, going from simple lamps to great design lamps. If you want to know how to choose the right lamp, here is a guide that will take you through it.

Lamp Shade Styles

Lamp shades come in different styles, colors and sizes. You can start from choosing the texture or material they are made from. Hessian and linen lamps diffuse light, hence giving off a fewer shadows and softer glows. Crisp white materials on the other hand give off bright light. Regardless of the lampshade you choose, ensure that the neck of the bulb is not visible, and that the socket is not standing or sitting next to the lamp.

Bedroom Lamps

A bedroom lamp should be one that balances the style you like and a soft light. In your bedroom, you need a light that is just enough for bedside reading, but not one that lights up the whole room. The textures, colors, patterns, or sizes should match your bedroom décor, and the size of the room.

Dining Room Lamps

Dining room lamps create an inviting mood to the area, and well placed floor lamps can complement the table candles to give off an even better mood. Don’t make the lamps the focal point of the room because the focus should be at the table.

Kid’s Bedroom Lamps

Lamps in kids’ bedrooms are all about color and design. Get smaller lamps with dense shades as they provide softer, soothing light. Purchasing a dimmer light also means that it can be your child’s nightlight. When it comes to kids, you can choose very funny looking, or animal these lamps, such as dinosaur lamps.

Bathroom Lamps

Lighting up a bathroom is very tricky because most of the surfaces, such as mirrors and shower screens are reflective. A wall-mounted lamp or a sconce can offer the kind of nice warm glow you need to have in the bathroom. Avoid fabric lamps in the bathroom because they are likely to attract mould. Get glass or plastic lamps shades instead.

Living Room Lamp

In most homes, the living rooms happen to be the largest rooms, and they come with plenty of opportunities for lamp creativity. You can mix and match lampshades and lamp bases with your décor, such as furniture, curtains, floor coverings, or even the color of your walls. If your living room has down lights, you can use lamps to lighten up the dark areas or highlight certain areas of your living room.


A great tip you should keep in mind is that if you vary the height of the lamps, it will keep the look interesting. Contrast table lamps with floor lamps to make your space feel cozy and relaxing. Lamps with adjustable angled heads can be great additions to your space because you can always change their direction.

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