How To Secure A Website By Turning It From HTTP To HTTPS?

Posted by Eyden Haze . on August 27, 2018

HTTP is the way through which all data moves across the internet. It is there at the beginning of any website address. But that does not convey security to the users. For the collection of confidential data, it is important to change the site from HTTP to HTTPS. Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTPS helps to send across any encrypted information from a browser to a server. Therefore it is the perfect way of preventing hackers from getting access to your sensitive information.

Why should you convert to HTTPS

There are a number of reasons that justify the transition from HTTP to HTTPS. Read on for a complete list of the reasons to support the change.

1. Keep it Safe:

Experience the internet at its fastest by converting to HTTPS. Information sent through it is completely safe from hackers and any amount of sensitive information can be handled using this. It resists the access of information by any third party and keeps the documents tamper-free. HTTPS, therefore, safeguards your security and privacy.

2. Improves Google Rankings

HTTPS is deadly important for improving the Google ranking of your website. If you observe carefully almost 40% of the websites on the first page of Google have HTTPS attached to their web addresses. So it is quite obvious that Google prefers safe sites. As the largest search engine, it is committed to offering the viewers the best possible experience which cannot be achieved through backing insecure websites. Therefore it is essential that your website has HTTPS attached to it if you want to secure your rankings.

3. HTTP sites work for AMP

If you want to make your website mobile friendly then HTTPS is a must. A smartphone can use websites that load fast. For this AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page is made mandatory by Google and AMP requires only HTTPS sites. AMP runs on progressive and modern web apps that also use only HTTPS sites. Therefore you will have to change your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

4. Better referral:

Going from HTTP to HTTPS is a good idea because Google Analytics blocks it. So if you are working hard on the promotion of your website all the good work and referrals will be lost because Google will not recognize it. You will not be able to direct even the slightest traffic to your website. So it makes it extremely important to shift from HTTP to HTTPS.

5. SSL Trust

Websites that enjoy the SSL Trust are more used by viewers and enjoy their credibility. The survey shows that all most 77% of visitors are concerned about the usage of their information. The SSL certification and the green padlock is a sure sign of trust and security as far as the information shared is concerned.

Converting from HTTP to HTTPS

Apparently, this conversion may seem simple enough:

  • Buy an SSL certificate. This can be obtained from CAs or authorized SSL resellers. The certificates are actually data files which bind an organization’s details.
  • Ensure that the host can deliver your HTTPS website
  • Install the SSL certificate on the web hosting account. If the installation and configuration are properly done then no warning messages will be shown about an invalid certification.
  • Ensure that the changes from HTTP to HTTPS are not broken when the change is done
  • Once the change is done Set Up 301 makes sure that search engines know the change has been done. This helps viewers who have bookmarked the sites to get redirected to the changed sites.

Going the HTTPS way is a great way of getting on with your website and making it grow.

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