Monograms and Personalization: Emerging Craze in Retailing Sector

Posted by Eyden Haze . on December 7, 2018

When we talk about the most renowned brands in the market- say Louis Vuitton or Gucci, their brand logos have been monogrammed. Even the wallets and pens from the famous luxury brand ‘Montblanc’ feature the embossed or engraved initials of the brand owner. In my view, more luxury is appended to these pieces after they have been monogrammed.

Who don’t know what monograms are- They are interlacing or amalgamation of two or more alphabets to make a unique design and these alphabetic letters are commonly used as the initials. They are offering a wide gamut of opportunities to the retailers to present their customers a sort of customization- that is gaining high significance in the retail segment.

As per the 2018 report developed by McKinsey and Company and Business of Fashion, published by The State of Fashion- customization is going to play the most imperative part in the fashion industry this year.

More and more number of retailers is opting for monogramming since one can add his own signature to his article with this theme and this is particularly growing in this age of self branding, bloggers and influencers.

The perspective of four retailers on Personalization

So why is personalization and monogramming on the high rise? According to my view, personalization is increasing because of the increasing usage of social media. Whether it is a selfie style phone case or a monogrammed agenda, a large number of people are bragging about their personalized stuff for enhancing their Insta profiles.

  1. Rosa Gold KristenShopify retailer and the founder of a personalized scarf brand believes that the accessories that are monogrammed are presentable on Instagram. The amalgamation of item and font lets you portray yourself to the world and make a statement of your own. She also holds the view that letters portray one’s identity and people tend to develop affection towards their initials. Even it communicates a sense of ownership for the brand owner.

  1. Ng of Casetify agrees that millennials are responsible for so much popularity of personalization

“In particular, millennials have given a boost to the monogram movement. With this, a personalized touch can be added to the product by its customers which was not feasible without it. They get a sense of personal belonging for the product. While monograms are very much in trend nowadays, this actually is in-line with all our ideas at Casetify and it is believed to last much longer than a quick changing fashion”.

  1. Janet WhiteShopify merchant and the founder of White House Monogramming also believes in the theory of high-rise in the monogram svg segment. She confirms that monogramming was escalating with the popularity in fashion blogging. She believes that she was fortunate enough to have her business started when monogramming was initiating to become a fad.
  1. The founder of Rothbyrns Creative (an online personalized calligraphy gift shop)- Danielle Rothman has another power point to add on- “ I don’t know whether we typically see monograms very much or they are highly popular. Whether it is kids or adults, people love it when they see their names written in an enchanting manner. It is an incredible gift which even makes a very good content for social media”.

Tips on making monogramming magical for your business:

  • Make holidays as your preference in presenting personalized offers

If you are opting monogramming for gifting, you can make use of certain gifting seasons like popular days including Valentines, Mothers Day etc. since these can give you splendid personalization opportunities. For occasions like Valentine ’s Day, some retailers offer a convo hearts package with personalized sayings on them. One can also utilize monogrammed marshmallows in them for taking a notch-up in personalization.

  • Present instant personalization and monogramming as a pop-up service

If you doubt that monogramming will benefit you or not, you can offer it on location and for a confined period of time. You can also hire a professional for this for making things easier for you. If you do this in complementary to the holiday offer as mentioned in the above point, you will get more and more traffic and in-turn sales for your pieces.

  • Use them as gifts

Since monogramming in itself has a personalized nature, it can be used as a thoughtful gift for events such as a baby’s birth, wedding, birthdays etc. In fact, in the leading monogramming stores, most of such items are purchased in the form of gifts.

  • Use custom statements or astrology

There might be folks who don’t prefer monogramming. So, personalized statements or astrological signs can even be used as an exciting option.

If you want to introduce customization along with your product, monogramming is the best way. There is no scope for baffling about it since you can even test its role in affecting your business by presenting offers for a confined time. If it benefits, opt for it and if not, simply drop the idea!

If personalization is what that is enticing your potential customers and is feasible for you with the given resources, then just go for it and see your brand reach on the pinnacle.

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