10 Most-Trusted Android App Development Companies for 2017

Posted by Eyden Haze . on May 4, 2017

Operating systems have come a long way now. Day by day, there’s more of tech darting right out of every new discovery, innovation, preferably called resourceful development in Operating systems. Android, being one of the most prevalent and leading Operating system has conquered the mobile world and users rather swallowed the vivid user interface it had to offer.

This era has witnessed an upsurge of demand in smartphones and thus the web it relies on. Coupled with a pool of benefits, Android is now more of a fundamental aspect, yet a daring opportunity for businesses to expand. However, ongoing Android development and efforts put up by the brain trust of various companies pays off at the end, addressing most of the concerns related to user engagement, maintenance and modifications.

Starting off, you might need an exceptional Android app, customized as per your requirements but shaped in one piece by a team of experts. You might end up knocking at the wrong door if you aren’t familiar with what you want and the range of possibilities available. Sieving out the best Android Application development companies, here are some potential firms you may perhaps consider:

[Originally Published in Feb 2017, Re-published in May 2017]

Fusion Informatics

Since their establishment in 2000, Fusion Informatics have been proficient in being successful to provide exceptional solutions to growing start-ups, blossoming SMEs and well-established firms, pacing forth as a reliable IT partner. Their break-through mobile and web applications possess high performance rates and furthermore, the web-browsers they offer serve as a means for seamless communication between the end-users. Their targeted business goals include providing their clients with efficacious end-to-end customised mobile app applications.

Appus Studio


Appus is one of Top 5 leaders in android app development in Ukraine and has been featured in the list of Top App Development Companies by many B2B platforms like AppFutura, TopAppCreators and Goodfirms. What set them apart from their competitors is their product-oriented strategies which are appreciated by their clients. Till date, the company has delivered more than 200 successful mobile apps and software with high level of intricacy.



Founded in 2010, California based Apptology is an award winning app development company with over 400 apps in their portfolio. Their clients are diverse and they have developed apps for the enterprise, startups, government, medical industry, SMBs and non-profits. Their team can develop apps from the idea stage by helping define the scope, design the user interface, and develop both the app and supporting backend.



DevCrew is a leading android and web application development company. The company has wide-ranging experience in developing engaging android apps and responsive web designs. Their data and research directs them in developing the preeminent apps that fulfills user’s requirements. Using modern, industry-standard technologies, DevCrew creates a product that lasts for long.



C7Creative group is known for its proactive implementation, innovation and a rich user-experience. This award-winning app development company serves enterprise client by building, maintaining and supporting business critical apps for Android-Powered Smartphone.



Creative27 designs and develops high quality, user-friendly and user-centric apps and is one of the most sought-after Android app development companies in USA. They not only develop responsive apps but also ensure they are search engine friendly for marketing. Their apps offer a great user experience due to its clean and neat UI interfaces.

Synergo Group


Synergo Group is yet another dominant Android app development company with a team of experts ready to take down large scale projects within the given time frame. Pros at Synergo are lively, highly-focused and approachable. Cost-efficiency is an aspect of Synergo’s applications oughtn’t to be missed. Over 500 software and mobile apps have been developed and delivered at the clients’ disposal by this company

Esolz Technologies

Esolz Technologies

This establishment focuses on providing the best engagement model for startups and entrepreneurs. It being a fast growing company, strongly considers the implementation of retention and Virality strategies to be its driving force. Esolz Technologies develops applications for Android, iOS, web in addition to wearable apps for startups, public figures and enterprises.



AppBurst develops native applications for iOS, Android as well as mobile web apps. Appburst considers themselves as a mobile app development and internet marketing company as they provide a wide range of specialized and custom services to domains ranging from events to video games. They work with organizations to implement an end to end mobile application strategy.



Softeq is famed worldwide for delivering 500+ projects in the mobile app development arena. With more than 8 years of experience in the Android app development services, Softeq can easily be termed as a revolution in the Android app development.



Openxcell Technologies takes pride in calling themselves a customer-centric company as they design and develop robust and reliable multi-platform apps for Android. Openxcell is popular for taking up projects to enrich their client demands.

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  6. Luis Lima Ferreira
  7. Mohamed C. Skov
  8. Platt Thibodeau
  9. Tobias Poulsen
  10. Christopher Howe
  11. Alex Richardson
  12. Tom Schwarz
  13. Dzhamirza Sultygov
  14. Makharbi Umkhayev
  15. Pertti Hasu
  16. Shubham Rana
  17. Pratik Sehgal

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