Security Ninja: A Powerful & Reliable Plugin to Safeguard Your WordPress Website

Posted by David Watson . on July 19, 2018

WP Security Plugin

One of the most discussed topics in the internet world these days is about WordPress security. Despite being a popular platform with tons of features on offer, WordPress is not free from vulnerabilities. In fact, it is believed that nearly 90% of websites have issues of some sorts.

This is precisely the reason why it is important to protect your websites from potential hackers. Though there lots of plugins available to secure your WordPress websites these days, they’re also not without limitations. A free plugin called Security Ninja has been designed and developed to fix this issue. With this installed, your website will be secured like never before!

Security Ninja – Introduction

The sole objective of Security Ninja is to make your website safe and secure. For this reason alone, the plugin carries out more than 50 security tests on your website. Till date, the service provider has the distinction of securing more than 20,000 websites. The best part about all this is that the tests can be carried out by users with a single click! Besides helping you in securing your website, Security Ninja prevents downtime that can occur when there are security-related issues. Currently, Security Ninja offers both free and paid subscriptions to users.

Pro Features of Security Ninja

In paying a small fee, users can get additional and useful pro features through Security Ninja.

Malware Scanner

If there are malicious codes in your files, then Core Scanner will quickly alert you about that. Security Ninja will also alert you on possible codes that could infect your files and for a possible cleanup.

Core Scanner

All codes in your WordPress files are scanned through Core Scanner. In fact, your website’s entire architecture is checked for potential danger. What’s more, if there are files that have been modified, then you’ll be notified about that.

Cloud Firewall

Scheduled Scanner

If you’re lazy to carry out security tests regularly, then do not worry. Scheduled Scanner does the job for you. Upon activating this feature, all the tests are carried out automatically. What’s more, the reports of the tests will be emailed to you regularly by the plugin!

Database Optimizer

Your website’s database will get clogged up over time, especially when it is loaded with content. This is when your website slows down. With Database Optimizer, however, you can boost your database with a single click.

Events Logger

All events that happen on your website are tracked down with Events Logger. For example, if there are events or suspicious changes that haven’t been triggered, then Security Ninja does its job of notifying you about the action through its in-depth logs and reports.

Security Ninja – Working

The easy to use Security Ninja plugin does the in-depth safety analysis of your website. The interesting thing with this plugin is that it carries out more than 50 tests for securing your website with a single click of the mouse. What’s more, all results are made available to you instantly; in the form of a report and links.

There is much more Security Ninja does for you. For example, it allows you to take preventive measures against possible attacks from hackers. It also goes about carrying out database configuration analysis, auto-update modes, and test file permissions. If you think this is all Security Ninja does for you, then you’re wrong! It also employs brute-force attacks to check the strength of your login password. There are also various parameter tests carried out by the plugin for installation works. It is also worth remembering here that the developers are forever working on the plugin to include more and more features with every update.

Final Words About Security Ninja

The security that Security Ninja provides to your website is truly unmatched. The amazing thing with this free WordPress plugin is that it has powerful modules and incredible features. Also, it works silently whilst securing your WordPress website. And guess what, it doesn’t make any changes to your site. You’ll also have full control over all the features available to you.

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