The Big Technology Brands that Are Watching You in Your Privacy

Posted by Eyden Haze . on April 6, 2018

One of the most influential phenomena that have hit the entire world by storm is the piece of technology that everyone is using. The rise and rise in explosive nature of technology and its rapid adoption among the people of the world dramatically is engulfing every gentle part of our lives. Today we are using the number of technological products that provide you information, empower you to communicate with your loved ones and you get entertainment out of these tech-products, but few may know that they are actually spying on you and continuously getting information about you with or without your consent.

However, these products that are using for the purpose of entertainment and for social purposes are clearly doing hypocrisy. Because all of these products portraying as entertaining and provide you the services of for free. Anyhow, there are many other products that openly claims that these have been developed for spying on user will. But the big guns claims for their social and entertaining services, but in reality, they are getting private data of the user and giving it to anonymous powers. These hidden powers are very interested to get know how about each and every single individual.

How they get information about you?

Today, everyone has owned cell phones and computer devices. So, when people use these devices and gadget they ask for the access to your device first, otherwise, you would not allow using these products such as social networking apps, online games and playing stations and search engine and many others alike. When you use the search engine, all the queries and research work you does it will be automatically saved to the servers of these search engines. However, it will also create a profile of yours along with your search activities with the complete time stamp and your likes and dislikes.

Today, we are going to discuss the big tech-brands that are watching your privacy, but before this you need to know that how and why they are spying on you and what are the motives behind it.


It is the most popular and widely used brand in the world since it has come to the existence. The fascinating and popular brand is spying on each and every single activity they you have performed ever. It has gained the variety of information about you by using plenty of different ways. No matter what you do such as searching for the information, reading an article, searching for the movie, video, photos and all the things that you can search on the search engine.

None of the activity that you do on this particular platform you can hide. In case a user is using the search engine Google on the move; even then your location is being compromised. However, it is a very tough thing to have faith in the information that you have searched on the Google regarding marketing reasons or for advertising reasons is not breached by the search engine.


It is one of the largest social media platforms since last a decade and still, people are creating their accounts on this particular instant messaging app. People use the instant messenger for so many reasons such as for fee chat conversations; free audio and videos call shared media files such as photos and videos and sent or received Voice messages. All these activities either a user do openly on their news feeds and even though the messenger’s inbox continuously saving to the Facebook servers. It means, the officials can do anything with your personal data and they also get access to your active device on which you have run your Facebook social media app.


If am not wrong it is one of the toughest competitors the social messaging app Snapchat has ever come across with till date. It user share images, videos and another kind of multimedia files, a breeze, but have you an idea where it is going. The one feature of the social media app is deployed to get your actual location, street address along with the pin-point accuracy the moment you have to shred the relative information with someone via instant messenger.

Pokemon Go

It is one of the popular online games the world has ever met with online via gadgets and devices. When you start using the game, you may notice that it gets started to track your current exact location and the photos that you have stored in your mobile phone gallery. However, the officials have right to share or view your information to any third party such as government. It also tracks your cell phone device operating system such as IOS and monitors your Gmail account to the fullest.

Play Station

It is one of the popular gaming consoles in the contemporary world. The audio recognition technology has fixed into the gaming console in its fourth latest fourth version, but it can perform just more than listen to voice commands having the power to interpret sounds. The gaming console can track audio background of the user without the headgear. It can gather information and general information with the help of user input.


All above mentioned largest technology brands are undoubtedly the largest watchdogs of the modern times.

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