Top 12 WordPress Footer Plugins To Fully Utilize Your site

Posted by David Watson . on October 9, 2017

Footer? Why footer? Why do publishers take the footer section seriously? Though a few lethargically ignore it, one needs to know the importance of footers in sites which contain significant information like contact and copyright details, policies, important links, etc. Advertisement banners also get blended in this section occasionally.

Visitors often find the footer section useful and thus the bounce rate of your site eventually reduces, gaining leads and business.

Here, you’ll find a compiled list of the finest WordPress footer plugins which would make your day less traumatic, being handy in creating gorgeous footers for your website. Let’s have a look at 12 such plugins.

Add to Footer

You can now include any code (HTML/JS) to the footer for your WordPress theme. Changing your theme wouldn’t require you to repeat the same segment once more. Enter the settings and you’re done. This ensures that you don’t need to keep adding the same code in case you change your theme. Simply enter the settings once and you’re good to go!

YITH Footer Banner

This footer adds a new page after you go to Appearance -> Footer Banner where you can customize the page and configure the plugin. As an admin, you also get to clean your backend by improving the appearance of the footer banner.

Royal Footer Bar

This cool plugin is easy and tidy to use. Featuring professionally designed bars, fully-responsive, this plugin claims to convert an ordinary website into a targeted one luring in some potential subscribers or customers with the help of social media in a few minutes.

Smart Footer System

Smart Footer System facilitates the user with exceptional footer customization. This WordPress Footer plugin allows the creation of infinite footers using popular Page Builders like Visual Composer and Elementor Builder. Themes, for example, Avada’s Fusion Builder, Swift Builder and Enfold Builder have been tested and moreover, you could customize your footer completely, with over six ways to decide its look, backed with admirable responsiveness. There’s no way one couldn’t get impressed after they check out the automatic recognition of the post type and subsequently assign footers to different pages.  With the wand in your hand, you only have the throne to decide your pick.

WP LeFooter

A footer which is absolutely customizable with five predefined themes to integrate to your site readily along with textures. What’s more, you get a Slide Up feature followed by multi-slide up footer animation withjQuery facilitation, with the help of which you could run it faster.

Genesis Custom Footer

This plugin extends a section to the Genesis Theme Settings page. Use your own HTML codes, Genesis shortcodes or simple text in the footer rather than the default Genesis credits.


Footr is a popular plugin with an additional Footer Reveal feature. This feature makes the sticky footer completely responsive which would hide and reveal when the user reaches the bottom section of the page. Widget driven contents are deployed offering professional options to customize the looks and feel of your website and make it functional in no time.


StickyFooterNav is a fully-responsive footer solution compatible on almost every device. Panels hold your content through a flexible grid system. You decide here if your footer works on hover or when it is clicked. Modify effects durations, add a trigger button for the purpose of toggling the footer bar and change the responsiveness of the same.


HayyaBuild lets you create different headers and footers using the drag-and-drop technique. This is a powerful plugin which helps you manage headers and footers easily and thus spares you some time and attracts visitors.

Arion Footer Widgets

You could also use this plugin to drag and drop your widgets on footer theme. You can access this plugin through the admin panel itself. Compatible with almost every theme, Arion Footer widgets compose of a responsive design and support multiple languages.

Insert Headers and Footers

Adding scripts to your WordPress site like google Analytics is what this plugin does even if you are not interested in coding. Insert Headers and Footers simply is an all-in-one plugin to add all scripts instead of using multiple plugins.

Footer Putter

Important elements like copyright and trademark widgets plus links like Privacy, Contact, and terms and conditions, etc. are added. You are gifted with the options of alignment here: single-line centered alignment and multi-line right alignment footers to make your footer section look tidy.

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