Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies To Look For in 2017

Posted by Eyden Haze . on January 3, 2017


[Originally Published in Feb 2016, Last Updated on 20th April 2017]

Mobile applications have evolved greatly over the years and so has the application development. As most of the mobile phone users are active on the internet and use this medium for buying all kinds of products and services, catering them with apps is a great way to woo them. Using an app for hiring a service or purchasing a merchandise is extremely easy as compared to web.

Even the novice users are now able to download the app from the app stores and use them for the intended purpose. The easy availability of the smartphones, internet penetration, awareness among the people are the major reasons why mobile app development has changed the dynamics of the business. The apps have also given enhanced visibility to the businesses and ability to engage the maximum number of users.

Even the companies that do not have technical expertise in developing mobile applications can hire the services from offshore development firms. Many such companies have emerged since the mobile application revolution has taken shape. You can have a look at the services provided by these companies and assess whether they can do justice to your idea of mobile app.

A glance at the top mobile app development companies


ThumbMunkeys is based in UK and is a quite popular mobile app development company, boasts of 500+ apps till date. It specializes in iOS, Windows, and Android app development and has catered many clients in the USA and also globally from other countries. With 20 years of experience in app development, the company  knows the intricacies of app development from the time when iOS and Android were at a budding stage.



UruIT is also an Uruguay based company that provides a range of services including mobile app development. With over 9 years of experience in this domain, the company has served many global clients and made its place in the market. The company develops web and mobile apps across different genres and mobile operating systems.



Based in Northern California, Apptology can develop on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. They can also develop any backend infrastructure needed to support your app. With more than 400 in their portfolio, their clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500. Apptology has a warranty that their apps will be bug free for a year.



Alty is a leading application development firm. With 7 years of experience in mobile app development and backed by skilled professionals, Alty is indeed one of the best firms when it comes mobile app development across multiple mobile platforms.

Red C Mobile

Red C Mobile

Red C Mobile is a London’s leading app developers and provider of digital solutions with specialization in mobile technology space. It projects itself as a promoter of fresh ideas with expertise in giving the ideas the shape that they deserve. The company has already built apps for many known big brands such as Sony, Aston Martin, Spark, Johnson & Johnson and many more, Red C Mobile is surely a growing mobile app development company to look for.

WorryFree Labs

WorryFree Labs

WorryFree Labs is touted as one of the coolest app development companies in New York, that holds expertise in UI and UX design-development of mobile apps for different mobile platforms. It also aids in branding of the app and offers various other services including web app development. Some of the brands that WorryFree Labs has worked for include Disney, Herc, Arccos, CSC, and many others.

Live Typing

Live Typing-Mobile App Development Company

Live Typing is a digital development agency, specializing in mobile and web app design, that has met the needs of clients across the globe since 2009. Recently making its mark in America, the Maryland based company provides cutting edge service to clients such as Lapka (acquired by AirBnB), Condé Nast, Samsung, Sephora, Groupon, Vogue and Pepsico. Live Typing has the creative vision to make your ideas come to life. Whether you are a small startup looking to launch your digital footprint, or a global company searching to take your digital platforms to the next level.


yMedia Labs

YMediaLabs is based in San Francisco and specializes in iOS, Android & Windows app development, Mobile app design, and mobile app strategy. It also has offices in Indianapolis and Bangalore.



Based in Ahmadabad, MindInventory is an app development company that develops apps across all the popular platforms like iOS, Windows, Blackberry, HTML5, and Android. Mind Inventory has a rich portfolio of mobile apps with apps across several genres for different brands.



Appstudioz is a well-known name in the app development circuit. After gaining a strong foothold in markets like Australia and India, it is expanding to many other locations of the world like UK, USA, and others. It has 1400+ apps to its credit across genres like fitness, utility, enterprise, health, media, and others. AppStudioz develops apps for iPhone, iPads, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.



Savvyapps is a mobile app development company based in Virginia. It creates Android, iOS apps for the clients. Some of the famed companies that Savvyapps has worked with are Amazon, Navient, Musx, CATO institute, and many others.

Closing Remarks

The mobile app development companies listed here are some of the most reputed app development firms around. Most of these companies are propelled by new and innovative ideas. Whether you are a well-established firm, or a start-up, mobile app development has become synonymous with the way businesses are run. This comprehensive list of the mobile app development companies will help you choose the one that fulfills your requirement precisely. Go through the list and take your call.

  1. Samuel Beck
  2. Ben Burnett
  3. Joshua Clifton
  4. Gabriel Talbot
  5. Callum O'Neill
  6. Jente Leijs
  7. Vick Simon
  8. Joel Veitonen
  9. Sargent Émond
  10. Mieszko Szczepański
  11. John J. Boyd
    • Oscar N. Murphy
    • christian shotton
  12. Mason Courtney
  13. Erick Correia Rodrigues
  14. Lynwood T. Allen
  15. Rasmus Andersen
  16. Barry Authier
  17. Adam Raws
  18. Vinicius Correia Souza
  19. Mary Curry

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