Ultimate Guide to Free WordPress Themes

Posted by David Watson . on February 16, 2018

If you stepped on the path of your future success in the web industry, this universal guide will turn out to be your handbook. It consists of all must-have information that you need to take into consideration in order to make a stir on the Internet.

To say the truth, you may get a lot of amazed looks if you say that you don’t need a website to become well-known and gain some recognition. Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of information you want to present by means of your future top-notch online-project. You may be interested in promoting your small business (for example, various home services that make people’s lives decidedly easier). You may desire to let everyone to get familiar with an amazing technological breakthrough or some fashion-related tips and news. In each of these cases, it would be completely useful to build a strong online-presence that will make certain that your business won’t be left unnoticed. A website is an ultimate way to present your identity, show talent and capture the attention of diverse Internet users. If you came up with an idea to create your tailor-made website, you should definitely set your eyes on WordPress that gives everyone a chance to build a stunning online-project.

WordPress is a free open-source platform that comes alongside with a myriad of ready-made themes that can be also gotten for free. Actually, this very thing makes WordPress even more marvelous. An opportunity to play around with various elements and aspects without paying any additional money certainly makes people be interested in this platform even more. It’s completely possible to make dreams come true together with it. Anyway, there is one little problem connected with WordPress. The Internet is overloaded with various ready-made themes that make people be a little bit puzzled over their choice.

There are some many free WordPress themes that you may be stuck while deciding on the best fit for your website. On the other hand, it’s pretty amazing that you have such a vast number of choices. Just think about the main message of your web-projects while looking on the collection of WordPress themes and your heart will help you to choose the most exciting variant.

What Do You Need to Know About a Free WordPress Theme?

A free WordPress theme is one of the simplest ways to create a website without paying money for it. Nowadays it’s possible to make a dream regarding a fully-functional website come true for nothing. If you consider your meager budget to be the biggest obstacle on your way, just throw away this thought here and now. By means of it, you can also catch the eye of various people and then, choose a premium template after having enough money to pay for it.

There are a lot of websites that you can browse in order to find top-notch WordPress themes. For example, you can pay your attention to such solutions as TemplateMonster, ThemeIsle, WPExplorer and, of course, the inventory of free themes collected on WordPress.org. Actually, if you have a desire to experiment with the design of your website, you may start exactly with these ready-made solutions.

GPL License

If we were to talk about software licenses, you would probably say that you couldn’t remember even one time when you read them. Yet it’s crucial to be aware of such a thing as the GPL license when it comes to free WordPress theme.

To cut a long story short, the GPL license makes it certain that you will have the opportunity to work with code and change it up to your needs. Together with it, you will be ready to alter the code but it’s important to release it under the same license. If more people develop the code, it will become decidedly powerful and stronger.

A huge part of free WordPress themes is released under the GPL license. As you’ve already understood, you may download a theme and modify it taking into consideration all your ideas and needs.

Creative Commons License (CC)

The next type of license that you should be aware of is Creative Commons license. It also gives users the opportunity to make use of the code, change it and share it with others. By means of this very license, it becomes easier to redistribute works and protect their authors. In general, you can find a few types of this license, but there are not so many free WordPress themes that come alongside with CC.

While deciding on the free WordPress theme, you should take a look at the license that comes together with it. Everything depends on those things that you’re going to do with your template. A type of license will give all necessary information about its usage.

What Are the Benefits of Free WordPress Themes?

Of course, a free WordPress theme is one huge advantage. If you want to find out even more about their benefits, take a glance at the following aspects.

• No-cost factor

When you set your eyes on the perfect theme, there is nothing holding you back from using it on your online-project. In this case, the only thing that can limit the number of ideas is your imagination. Furthermore, it won’t be a problem for you to start using a premium theme instead of a premium one.

• A wide-range of plugins

Actually, there is no need to think about the fact that free WordPress themes don’t come alongside with a proper support. Anyway, you will get a chance to use a vast number of plugins that will enrich the functionality of your website. They will allow you to play around with various elements of your online-project and make it more powerful.

• Push your ideas beyond the limit

Without a doubt, you want the opportunity to experiment. Together with free WordPress themes, it will be absolutely possible. Modify their appearances in order to get the most stunning results. By means of them, it will take you nothing to create your perfect design.

Some Cons of Free WordPress Themes

Two sides of the same coin – this phrase can be used to describe a lot of things and, unfortunately, a free WordPress theme is not the exception. What do you need to know about its disadvantages?

• Not tailor-made ones

There are a lot of free WordPress themes on the web. A great part of them can impress you and your potential readers at first glance. Yet you should remember that they’re non-unique. You may find a lot of websites built by their means.

• Not all of them have a powerful code

Of course, some of free WordPress themes may come together with a poor code. For this reason, you should always check out your template before using it on your future online-project.

• A small set of features

Unlike of premium themes, free ones don’t include a huge amount of options. When you start customizing your website, you will find out that you’re limited in the number of editing settings.

• No proper support

A free WordPress theme doesn’t provide you with a free support. If you get stuck, you should search for other web-developers who may help you with your issues. Actually, it won’t be a big problem because a lot of people work exactly with WordPress. Yet keep in mind that you will probably pay money for their help.

• Not many updates

As you can understand, it may take a little bit longer to develop updates for a free WordPress theme. It can be even worse. Web-developers can just forget about them.

What Is the Best Fit for You: a Free or Premium WordPress Theme?

Now you probably wonder – what type of the WordPress theme should you choose? Actually, there a plenty of aspects that you should take into your consideration while choosing it. First of all, you should think about benefits that can be gotten with your future website. We completely understand that sometimes you cannot even know what to expect from your online-project. Again, let’s use your imagination in this case.

If you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to build a stylish and tailor-made website, you should definitely come up with a decision to use a premium WordPress theme. It will take more money but there’s no doubt that you will be satisfied with final results. By the way, you don’t need to forget that premium themes have a tendency to include some unnecessary features. Yet together with such type of the ready-made solution, you will get some robust functions, amazing designs, constant updates, professional support, and stunning customization opportunities.

What Do You Need to Know In Order to Choose a Perfect WordPress Theme?

Actually, now you may think over getting a trustworthy free WordPress theme. It doesn’t matter that you don’t pay money for it – anyway, it’s an obvious desire to get something professional. It’s possible to look for a credible provider and finally, fall into a trap – download an awful product that is not worth any of your attention. Actually, such a variant doesn’t sound extremely attractive.

We have prepared a great offer for you. If you don’t know where to start your search, you can find a lot of eye-catching options for your future online-project. It would be better for you to opt for one of the most reliable providers of free and premium WordPress themes. TemplateMonster’s inventory of WordPress business themes can offer you a wide variety of variants that will assist you in building a good-looking and fully-functional website without any hassle.

While deciding on a free WordPress theme, you should stick up to the main message of your website and its niche. You have a specific aim and you should present it in the best possible light by means of your online-project. So, let’s find out something exciting and nice-looking for your website right now. Believe us, there are a lot of free WordPress themes below that you should certainly pay attention to…

Travelop Lite – Vibrant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Each traveler has a plenty of thrilling stories that are only waiting to be shared with others. This unusual template will assist you in turning your website into a stunning traveling journal. By means of diverse social options, your readers will be ready to share your unique posts on their social networks. Furthermore, a wide range of Google Fonts will brighten up your website and allow you to make your website look elegant or adventurous.

Iridescent – Marvelous WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A tender theme was designed exactly for those who believe in true love and its power to change lives for the better. A top-notch commenting system will give your readers the opportunity to leave some feedback on your posts. In addition to this, wonderful background options will make it possible to play around with the appearance of your online-project. It will allow you to create even a more sophisticated look of your website without any hassle.

Adveland – Unusual WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Make a real amusement park out of your website by means of this extraordinary template. A fully-functional WordPress Live Customizer will assist you in the customization process. It will make sure that you won’t be mistaken during a customization process due to its opportunity to view all changes in a real-time mode. Moreover, an amazing Google Map integration will allow your core audience to see a precise location of your amusement park directly on the website.

Malcolmy – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Malcolmy is a modern theme that looks like a perfect fit for creatives who are in a search for something out-of-the-ordinary. A content-oriented design made in black and white colors will impress your target audience at first glance. In order to let you play around with your content without any problems, this template also includes a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. By the way, your readers can easily subscribe to your newsletters and get updates on your posts right on their mailboxes. You can easily compare this absolutely free template with premium WordPress themes for artists and make sure it is no worse.

Monstroid2 Lite – Revolutionary WordPress Theme


An ordinary blog can turn out to be one of the most well-known and eye-catching websites on the web if you decide to build it together with this game-changing template. A huge set of visual and functional tricks won’t leave people indifferent – it will make them fall in love with your blog. A great drop-down menu, excellent sidebar manager, diverse social options, marvelous search and contact forms. It’s completely impossible to pass by a website that includes such all must-have features that make it shine on the web, isn’t it?

FreeBook – Innovative WordPress Theme


Do you have something to do with eBooks that provide people with a bunch of necessary information on various topics? With the help of this gorgeous template, you will be able to catch the eye of readers from different corners of the world. It comes alongside with eye-catching header and footer styles that will allow you to showcase the identity of your online-project and make it look unique. In addition to this, a fully-fledged WordPress Live Customizer will guide you through customization.

Talking Business – Powerful WordPress Theme


Assure people that they cannot find any other exciting and professional conference by means of this excellent theme. A wide variety of web forms will allow you to gain credibility and make people trust in your services. Moreover, a marvelous collection of Google Fonts will make it possible to freshen up the look of your website in a flash.

Mia Ittalloni – Bright WordPress Theme


Mia Ittalloni is a delicious template that comes together with an Italian temperament and warm colors. Each cooking-related topic will be transformed into an extremely exciting and shining one together with this theme. It includes marvelous widgets and plugins that will decidedly enrich your website. Moreover, you will be able to modify your background and make it look like a perfect fit for your website.

Bitunit – Excellent WordPress Theme


Get familiar with a real progress together with this groundbreaking template. It will allow you to provide people with a fully-functional bitcoin sell and buy and moreover, make them understand the importance of cryptocurrency. An amazing Elementor Builder will assist you in building your website (by the way, keep in mind that no coding is required from you). Furthermore, it will take nothing for your readers to get in touch with you and ask some questions thanks to a great contact form.

Pilates Center – Bold WordPress Theme


A wonderful template that will give you a real burst of energy. A stunning Parallax Effect and background video are those animations that will be impossible to pass by and leave unnoticed. By means of different gallery types, it will be completely easy to present your engaging and thrilling pictures. In addition to this, you can also integrate video and audio media types and impress everyone with some unexpected functions.

A free WordPress theme is one of the ways to learn the ropes. It will guide you through the initial phase of coding and allow you to get familiar with some basic knowledge. While choosing your perfect theme, don’t forget that a lot of free ones are created by trusted developers. This means that it will be possible to get regular updates on templates. In addition to this, don’t pay your attention to the fact that free WordPress themes may have a small set of features. Find an advantage in such a thing – your website will operate decidedly faster due to this fact. Anyway, it’s a quite amazing choice for those who only start working with a website building. Believe us, you don’t take a risk downloading a free WordPress theme. You will be satisfied with your decision. Thanks for reading!

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