Understanding Mobile Users Actions, Characteristics and Habits

Posted by Eyden Haze . on January 30, 2017

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Generations come and generations go. The evolution of the first personal computer to Macintosh and then the development in the field of technology leading to the miniature of PCs that can be held by a palm and carry out any operation that perhaps a PC can do, is the true fate of the cyber world.

The escalation of technology and the quest for human ease is the matter of interest as today, operating a device isn’t a big deal but completing a job in the least amount of time with absolute ease is one. Therefore, understanding the scope of mobile phones and discovering reasons why they are better than PCs is a crucial step towards understanding the worth of technology itself.

Mentioned below are a few facts where mobile users have an upper hand compared to desktop users:

Mobile users- Fast and furious

Being agitated when you don’t find what you really desire for is a normal swing. But when you have all the resources you need, being agitated is not worth the while. Mobile users hunt for answers to their questions instantly on their portable devices. And when all the effort goes down for nothing, being furious is not a rare sport.

Just as your internet speed means everything to you, these portable devices make sure you land on what you want promptly, given that the speed of the mobile is not an issue.

Preference of Apps over Websites

On a daily basis, mobile users prefer interacting with applications rather than its official website. The designed interface of an application highlights the essential criteria that may be considered by the user and gives complete freedom of navigation to the mobile user. It’s the voluntary need of the user which drives him to download an essential application from the App store anytime, anywhere and thus operates on it liberally.

The cumbersome procedure of acknowledging the web-address and then surfing through the unorganized massive content to be dealt with on the desktop can be avoided through the idea of Applications with a simpler interface.

Minimum effort of readability

Mobile users have comparatively, a smaller screen than desktop users and thus it entirely depends on the Graphic designer to deal with the GUI and essential elements in the webapp to make it attractive as well as interactive to the mobile user.

Mobile users need significantly lesser effort for skimming through the content as the navigation is sleeker and the screen size, being small, makes the user concentrate on a minor scale. This enables the slow and steady algorithm being applied to the readability of content on the website.

Mobile payments

Fluid cash is not desired anymore. As the trend shifts to online shopping, payments over debit or credit cards have become safe with discounts provided by specific banks after the transactions.

As far as the client is concerned, using a desktop or a mobile have the same pros. Again, the interface matters. Being a customer, patience is what we can’t afford. We need transactions fulfilled successfully with a touch. Mobile users have this advantage over desktop users, where they can save their details in the same portal and then fulfill another transaction using the same card details, of course with a secure password entry. This makes mobile users gain a hand over the other.

Yet mobile users are sometimes doubtful of their transactions due to uncertain website crashes and this can only be rectified when the payment gateways make the transactions secure and trustworthy.


Though not a perfect explanation of the idea, brevity highlights the case where mobile users prefer typing less and conveying the whole point. It’s an absolute requirement since keeping stuff short and sweet is what makes it unique and attractive. In fact, the laziness to type on a PC sometimes goes in vain as the satisfaction of swipe and a touch on mobile rules the pitch.

Social media

Sharing stories or texting has always been a key feature of any atmosphere. Using a mobile enables the user to get connected to his friends or family three times faster than getting connected on desktop. Portable devices again hit a home run when it comes to vital campaigns when instant sending and receiving of messages is absolutely necessary forsuccessful motives.

Quick searches and email

Search engines, as per Smartinsights, are used by 48% of mobile users. What’s more, the rest of them rely on exclusive websites and apps. Switching on your PC and then wasting your time for a research that could have been done in a few minutes through a mobile seems like belaboring yourself with your actions. With smart phones possessing the Auto-sync feature, something that a desktop user can never possess, reading emails regularly isn’t even a concern. You will get notified when a new unread email waits for you at the Inbox.

Pinterest traffic

According to venturebeat, 80 percent of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network and a sharing center where the world talks of all the ideas and creative pieces of art or interest with the most relevant content coming from real-time experienced artists, where they upload their masterpiece on this platform. Thus the traffic on Pinterest itself reveals the pivot presence of mobile phone users with a conclusion of their habits and behaviors on mobile web.

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