Why Agile Methodology is Needed for Mobile App Development?

Posted by David Watson . on January 30, 2018

The emerging usage of smartphones has led to a rapid growth in the mobile app development market. With more and more businesses recognizing the significance of mobile technology in increasing their revenues, the number of mobile apps has tremendously increased.

However, this sudden rise of mobile apps has also made the job of mobile app developers immensely challenging. After all, in this fast-changing world of technology, it is just not easy to develop an app that has a long lifespan. There is fierce competition out there with user experience and expectations being primary in deciding the failure or success of a mobile app. Therefore, the app development companies must make the constant efforts to stay updated with the changing market trends and implement them in their work pattern to gain positive outcomes.

Major number of app development companies adopting Agile Methodology 

These days it is common to find many mobile and software development companies well utilizing an agile methodology, which is helpful in streamlining the critical development process and make it faster.

To execute the agile approach to develop a mobile app there must be flexible planning, customer involvement, risk management and continuous evaluation. This helps mobile app development companies in completing the projects effectively and efficiently. At the same time, regular communication with the mobile app clients is ensured. This way development team gets the best help in designing a final product just according to the customer expectations.

What is Agile methodology?       

Agile development is mainly about being able to move quickly and easily. Now as it comes to the usage of Agile methodology in project management it regards the divisions of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.

This kind of development is useful in simplifying mobile app development so that the resulting mobile apps can be adapted post release. Here is the list of features that sets apart Agile development:

  • Simple design
  • Ability to release in a shorter span of time
  • Team cooperation, pair programming, and testing during development
  • Anticipates the need for change
  • Welcomes change and use it as an advantage

How Agile development works?

In the case of this project development approach, the entire process is segregated into several of different development cycles. The agile methodology requires the entire task to be divided into various subtasks and this way each of subtasks become an individual module for a development team. Then the entire projects integrate different modules or tasks. Later, each module is assigned to dedicated specialists who act as an independent project.

Agile methodology for mobile application development is mainly considered as an effective alternative to traditional methods of project management such as the waterfall methodology. This approach allows the evolvement of requirements and solutions through the combined effort of the development team and the customer. It encourages adaptive planning, early delivery, evolutionary development and constant improvements.

Why select Agile for mobile app development?

The development process of a mobile app is challenging and requires a specialist team. There need to be several discussions with customers, project manager, and development team so that project requirement is well understood and also the key objectives are identified.

Meanwhile, in the case of a huge project development as well, the task must be allocated to a responsible and capable person. At the same time, the establishment of communication between the development team and customer all along the development process is also essential. However, it is a tough task for the project manager to handle these different procedures of the project as well as the team.

It is in such scenarios that it becomes necessary to choose Agile for mobile app development. This methodology is useful for the mobile application development as well as it ensures the work coordination of experts and the permanent communication between the customer and project development team.

How can we develop high quality apps using agile methodology?

With the use of a brilliant mix of self-organization, responsibility, flexibility and leadership, an agile methodology helps in developing a sustainable and high-quality mobile app. This way it becomes easier for developers to overcome several issues faced by them during the traditional app development methods like users’ different demands, different operating systems, seamless development, an unforeseen amendment from the end of the customer during the project development and a lot more.

The significant benefit of using Agile development for a mobile app is that it allows constant communication between and inside the group. This kind of interaction between the customer and development team makes the process of mobile app development entirely transparent and flexible.

This way, in case the client has a fresh demand for the project, at any stage, it doesn’t hamper the rest of the process. The required amendments can be made by one of the concerned team, and this doesn’t affect the speed of the development process.

Major benefits of Agile development:

  • It offers team-based approach.
  • Enhances design responsiveness, sustainability in app usage and the user experience.
  • Changes can be made easily while the new features can also be added.
  • Testing is easily performed at each stage.
  • It utilizes a cohesive work approach
  • As testing takes place altogether, thus it allows the projects to be launched sooner.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the incessant and rapid delivery of app modules.
  • In this methodology, people and interactions are given more emphasis instead of process and tools as the customer, developers and testers are communicating with one another simultaneously.


Considering the fierce competition out there in the market, it is the right approach to choosing the agile methodology for mobile app development. It offers tremendous benefits over the traditional method of app development. Agile development allows the customers to get closely involved in the process thus enabling quick decision making throughout the process and early release of the product in the market.

Thus, to get the desired results and meet user’s expectations, it is the best alternative for a mobile app development company to choose the agile method to develop mobile apps.

Author Bio: Ajit Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire android app developer for your own app development project. Connect with him on Google Plus, Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin and go through his ideas on distinct topics.

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