Wrike Review – Best Project Management Software for Busy Teams

Posted by David Watson . on March 2, 2018

Wrike Project Management

Demand for online project management software has increased dramatically due to the functionality it provides to both individual users and organization. Wrike has a unique design and a lot of the latest functionality to easily fit in with any business and lets you take control of all your to-do items easily and conveniently.

With Wrike, a management team, C-level executives, or managers can easily collaborate in real time on any ongoing project. They have individual accounts and personalized dashboards that can be used to access all the benefits of Wrike, even if they’re on their mobile devices.


In short, Wrike takes control of all your enterprise collaboration, project management and task management activities on one single platform. Task Management lets you create tasks or subtasks, set due dates, set task owners or attach files to tasks. It also lets you create or choose personalized project templates and automate tasks to reduce repetition when doing the same type of projects.

You can see real-time status about ongoing tasks — whether they are completed, overdue, or whether you are being asked to provide feedback. Built-in Gantt charts give further insight about the progress of tasks or projects especially against the project timeline. You have access to the benefits of reporting and personalized dashboards within Wrike, allowing you to dig deep into any project and track progress of your teams.

The overall functionality of Wrike makes you more productive at work and be allows you to be specific about your goals.

Wrike Features


As a work management tool, Wrike has a clean and tidy interface that allows you to oversee all your ongoing projects or tasks. From the figure below, you can see details of how well you can track performance of an ongoing project. You can find buttons for all the major functions on the left side of the workspace. Simply click on the ‘+’ sign just after the Wrike logo to start a new project or tasks.

wrike image

Email Integration

Notifying team members about tasks is extremely simple. You can directly communicate with team members concerning their work within this project management software. All you need to do is use the ‘@’ symbol just before the person’s username to directly send a message. They will then receive a notification and an email that will alert them to your mention.

Desktop Notification

Directly notifying team members within the project or tasks is made easy by Wrike project management tools. You can directly give your inputs about ongoing project or feedback and the user will get notified with a pop-up message on the right side of the screen.

File Management

Uploading or managing files is handled smartly by Wrike. You can save all your files related to a task within Wrike itself so you don’t have to utilize any other file management software. Or you can use one of the integrated tools such as: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box.

Smartphone Apps

As a modern project management tool, Wrike gives you full control and accessibility on the go via its mobile apps. You can download and install Wrike apps for free on your Android or iOS devices.

Wrike apps

Wrike can also be used on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms as well as web-based or mobile app applications.

Language supported

Wrike supports up to 10 major languages worldwide. This includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese, among others. This ensures worldwide use of Wrike regardless of the country or city you are doing business in.

Support available

Including top notch services, Wrike also strives to provide best-in-class support. Support over phone, email and chat is available. You can also explore the Wrike knowledge base and watch video tutorials in order to dig deeper.

You can watch the online video to explore Wrike in depth and get to know how it works:


Wrike works with any kind user, from new professionals to experienced project managers, however structuring is required to track progress well. Wrike’s basic package starts from $49 USD per month but a free plan is available for up to 5 users. And you can always trial Wrike for a month to give it a shot.

Among the many software for project management, Wrike is considered one of the best because it offers unbeatable functionality and level of control that is difficult to find elsewhere

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