10 Best iPhone Apps for 2016

Posted by Eyden Haze . on August 29, 2016

Apps are one of the important things in Apple iOS platform. This is what sets Apple apart from other mobile platform rivals. The apps are of highest quality and typically best in the class. But just like any app store, it is difficult to make out which are truly best apps, which are the ones offers a service tool or service that is very different from anything else available in market.

Sometimes best apps are free and at other times we have to pay a little. Following are some best available apps which you can use:

Open Road

open road

It is not recommendable to use phone while driving. Even if your phone parked is in dock, your eyes will be stressed as the app interfaces are too complex to be used. Thus this is where Open Road comes in play and is one of the best iPhone apps for 2016. It lets you to create a customized screen of big tappable buttons that will trigger your favorite apps actions like calling any specific contact, playing you favorite playlist.It also has voice control option, a car finder and drive recorder feature.



Writing a journal before smartphones was arduous task. But now a day number of apps help you automate the process, you just require writing few words that go along side with your choice photos which can be tagged for retrieval latter. Momento offers distraction free interface and optional reminders to urge you for new entries. The main feature of Momento is to import content from social network like Facebook, Twitter.



Cesium is yet another one of the best iPhone Apps for 2016. It is a music player which lets you to enjoy your existing music library which is being sidelined by Apple Music streaming service. This offers number of features such as various tabs to quickly access albums, artists, playlists and songs, quick editing and adding new song in upcoming queue; switching between chronological and alphabetical lists.

Streets 3


Streets 3 is used for accessing Street View and is simpler and faster than Google Maps, since it changes your position on overhead map and view coverage. It has several other features like it acts as navigation app for Apple’s Maps, information about selected location, and list of places to check out at particular destination which may include monuments, city sites, and actual galleries. This has 3D mapping environment.

Calendar 5


Working with built in iOS Calendar app is difficult, thus Calendars 5 is better choice. It has a range of views that shows things with much more clarity and task centre which makes Apple’s Reminders look easy, and natural language input feature for events in calendar. It works with iCloud data also so one can switch easily between apps.



We all know that if you are programmer that coding is important to stay ahead. Lrn app helps you to learn the programming languages with ease, through constructed set of interactive quizzes with the assumption that user have zero knowledge, thus it provides in-depth knowledge about basics in CSS, HTML, Ruby, JavaScript and Python.

Nursery Rhymes

nursery rhymes

The Nursery Rhymes apps display a nice image of everything that describes nursery rhyme, and many on screen objects that can be moved and emit noises and tapping lyrics of relevant rhyme.

This apps works well with our tiny humans!



Over is an app’s which lets you add multiple layer of text on images. It has playful interface which is quite powerful. Just import any photo and overlay artwork and other images, which can be rearranged and edited at any time. One can add beautiful typography with subtle drop shadow, watermarking your favorite photo.

Duplicate Photo

duplicate photos

This app’s lets you to duplicate photos. You just need to select images in Photos app and then use this app in the Share sheet. It will make copies of the photo. One can use the copies to do any kind of crazy edits, with your original photo as safe.



Reeder is an excellent app which helps in browsing and reading feed. It has simple interface along with built in Readability view which enables to quickly load images and text from feeds that otherwise will have brief synopses.

There is much more in App Store which one can explore!

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