10+ Best Project Management Tools to Improve Your Company’s Performance

Posted by Eyden Haze . on August 16, 2018

Best Project Management Tools

Gone are the days when all the team members used to sit together and work on a project assignment. Now, companies have their presence all across the world and hence have their teams spread at multiple locations based on project requirements. But effective project management is important in order to maintain high standards of performance and productivity.

We bring you the best project management tools so that you can share real time updates, assign tasks to appropriate teams, stay organized and have all your tasks tracked and completed on time. It’s easy to be the best project manager with following project management software.

[First Published in August 2017, Last Updated in March 2019]  


Nuvro is a great project management software with super-friendly and many time-saving features. You can add team members, assign tasks to them, get real time updates from them via email, reply or add comments on projects via same email, set milestones for the team track time for all activities and most importantly have invoiced paid directly in Nuvro. So just give a shot to this amazing project management software and streamline your project management related tasks.



Admation is user friendly project management software designed specifically for advertising and marketing teams. Admation helps streamline the workflow of delivering creative projects. It comprises of 4 key modules including approval workflow, project management, resource management and digital asset management.

With admation approval workflow you can create online templates, submit project briefs, manage project teams, review and mark-up marketing collateral, approval projects, generate a range of reports and much more.

Admation’s resource and project management modules allow you to create project timelines, brief and assign tasks, manage project teams, track projects online, manage and track resource and department capacity, capture time via time sheets and much more. Integrated with ad storage and your brands digital asset library, admation is a complete solution that your marketing team or ad agency will enjoy using.



A lot of organizations consider project management to be more than planning a schedule and resources, estimating the effort and controlling the planned and actual values. For a lot of organizations, project management is about team work while individually supporting the team members. Project management also involves the management of requirements, changes and tests. With in-STEP BLUE, you receive a software that you can customize according to your needs and organization, your workflows, processes and methods.

Cora Systems

Cora Systems provides enterprise project and portfolio management solutions and services to government agencies and large-scale global organizations, including life sciences, healthcare, and engineering & construction. Every day, thousands of project managers across the world use the Cora platform to manage their portfolio of projects, totaling over $10 billion in value, across multiple locations, dozens of countries and thousands of users.


Agilean is essentially an AI-based project management solutions that’s actively involved in project execution and product development for small and medium-sized IT enterprises (SMEs) effective in an array of execution and operations. Agilean tool is customizable and user-friendly, capable enough to set your automated Kanban work-flow process within minutes with its “50 + Built-in templates” or create your own and many other features like Scrum, Impediments, standup meeting automation, release and retrospective analysis. Your projects are made exclusively transparent and in addition to this, Agilean also assures the radical improvement of your projects.


Taskworld-Project Management Software

Taskworld is a leading task management application that combines visual boards, team chat and performance analytics into one easy app. It’s like Trello on steroids combined with Slack. You can track work, share unlimited files, interact via email and get reports. It also has a powerful mobile app that syncs in real time. Good for teams that want powerful collaboration features with clean design.



PlanHammer is a PM Tool featuring task lists, simple GANTT charts, WBS software, Kanban boards, RACI Software, and a Risk Log in one simple to use interface. Affordable pricing tiers and unlimited file attachments (as well as Dropbox, and Google Drive integration). It strikes a balance between the basic other tools, and more advanced project management techniques, without adding complexity, allowing your team to mature without feeling overwhelmed.



Bridge24 is a complementary power application currently available for Asana, Basecamp, Trello and AceProject. It dynamically connects to your account and provides incredible features to visualize, filter, edit, export and more. Bridge24 is built for project planners and managers, normal day-to-day users and those requiring reporting capabilities for their light project management application. Bridge24 is filling the feature gap



ISETIA , basically a cloud network system offers clients the opportunity to control as well as incorporate their contracts, project documents, risks and concerns which they come across during Macro and Micro planning. In short, it is a quick-fix for Portfolio Program Project Management. This apart, this software proves a great help in planning, collaborating, managing, reporting and executing documents related to programs, projects and portfolios. ISETIA is also known to aid in improving efficiency by offering a systematic approach to identify opportunities. Hence, the teams using it can make most of its principles in their day-to-day work life.

Important Features of iSetia:

Online Portfolio, Program, Project Management System
Integrated CPM, Document Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Cost Management, Lesson Learn Management
Standardize processes and efficiently manage interface data and communications in real time on a single platform
Track progress for Planned % (Effort-Task-Cost) vs Actual % (Effort-Task-Cost) comparison.
BIM support and 3D model Viewer for ant IFC format.
PMI, Agile, Scrum, Kanban Support.
Design for handling more than millions of task and documents


Podio-Project Management Software

Podio is not just project management software, but can anytime be transformed into a CRM software. Along with standard features for an effective project management like task assignment, cloud based file storage, Podio acts as an internal intranet to let your colleagues and different departments to interact internally. It is a great tool for any upcoming business.


BaseCamp-Project Management Software

BaseCamp, a tool developed by 37Signals is the leading project management software with its communication feature. It eliminates the use of emails by setting up discussions in ‘message boards’ where everyone can post their comments and engage directly without delay. It also allows managing files, share documents, write to-do lists and supports all kinds of format for file sharing.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects-Project Management Software

Zoho is one of the best project management tools available in the market. Zoho offers Projects-to-plan and coordinate projects from beginning to the end. In addition, to all the standard tools required for project management, it’s advanced features like bug tracking, forums and setting up Wiki pages to build a repository of information steals the show.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects-Project Management Software

Best project managers use this tool to manage projects with their teammates. It supports Google Drive, Dropbox and Box so that you can use it even when you are on the run. Teamwork provides effective project management along with collaboration, time tracking and invoicing, all under the same hat. This tool might be overkill for freelancers as it has many things to handle.


Jira-Project Management Software

Altassian’s product Jira, offers a unique ability to raise issues and bugs in a particular project. It is basically a bug tracking tool that provides a direct progress of a particular bug solution and also the time spent on that. This is a great tool for software management teams in order to keep a track of the bugs raised post testing and ensure they are fixed before the next release.


Apollo-Project Management Software

Apollo allows you to be the best project manager by letting you prioritize the tasks, organize your teams and projects and keep everything on the same page. You have the capability to create tasks lists, set milestones within the project, track time and also the CRM feature to keep an eye on your clients. Oh, did I miss email integration, iCal support and amazingly fast support?


Kapost-Project Management Software

Kapost is built for the community of Bloggers and Writers. Kapost allows three different types of users, namely editors, contributors and subscribers. Contributors can project their idea to the editor in the virtual news room and s/he can approve or reject it as per the requirement. Kapost also has a pay per post feature that ensures contributors develop quality content.

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