35+ Free High-Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets [2019]

Posted by David Watson . on March 13, 2019

Photoshop Brush Set

Among designers, the demand for high-resolution Photoshop brushes is massive as every designer needs them in their toolbox. And as you already know, we always love to share free design resources and today we are going to share some fresh high-resolution Photoshop Brushes sets which are available for free.

So scroll down and download them to top-up your designer toolbox, you never know when you will need them.

Wavenwater Photoshop Brushes

Watercolor Design Bundle with Envato Elements subscription

Plant Photoshop Brushes (130 Brushes)

Subtle Grunge Brushes (10 Brushes)

Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop with Envato Elements subscription

High Resolution Fire Photoshop Brushes (20 Brushes)

Photoshop Smoke Brushes (13 Brushes)

Hi-Res Smoke Photoshop Brushes (4 Brushes)

Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection with Envato Elements subscription

Trails Brush Set (19 Brushes)

Stamp-O-Matic – Vintage Photoshop Seal and Stamp Brushes (56 Brushes)

Artistic Studio: Watercolor Toolkit with Envato Elements subscription

Bokeh Photoshop Brushes (8 Brushes)

Water Splash Photoshop Brushes (11 Brushes)

Marker Streak Brushes (20 Brushes)

Goldish Kit. For Photoshop+Extras

Realistic Charcoal Photoshop Brushes

High Resolution Cloud Photoshop Brushes (20 Brushes)

High Resolution Fabric Texture Photoshop Brushes (9 Brushes)

Goldish Kit. For Photoshop+Extras

Distressed Halftone Brush Strokes (21 Brushes)

Lightning Photoshop Brushes (3 Brushes)

Watercolor ProBrush

Oil Photoshop Brushes (12 Brushes)

So What.atn (30 Brushes)

Splash Photoshop Brushes (15 Brushes)

Brush Pack v3 by Fenris31

Photoshop Brushes for Painting Rocks and Water

Radiate Brush Set (12 Brushes)

Fairy Tales Photoshop Brush Set (9 Brushes)

Old Technical Drawings Brushes (10 Brushes)

Feathers and Birds Brushes (12 Brushes)

High Res Dry Brush Stroke Brushes (12 Brushes)

Bokeh Brushes (12 Brushes)

Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

Emoji Photoshop Brushes

Rain Photoshop Brush Set

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