8 Ways in Which Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

Posted by Eyden Haze . on May 15, 2018

Travelling has become something most people do at some point in their life. Whether it’s taking a trip abroad for leisure or travelling at home for work, we are truly on the move. The industry has changed as a result and a big driver of this change has been technology.

Technology has changed travel in numerous ways and not just in terms of transportation and mobility. For better or for worse, the way we travel is different from even a few decades ago.

Let’s examine the eight ways in which technology has changed the way we travel.

Travelling is much faster

Travelling has become extremely fast. Not only has the modern jetliner made it possible to fly around the world in the space of a few hours, different technological solutions have made it easier to book, manage and access your travel itinerary. You can book your accommodation from Agoda, which has great deals and discounts for flight, hotels and get your tickets directly to your smartphone and check-in with the help of your phone. Booking a holiday and getting through the airport has gotten a lot quicker.

Travelling is a communal experience

You now have the whole world as your tour guide when you’re travelling or planning a trip. You don’t have to rely on just your close friends and family to find places to visit. You can use online review sites to read what people think about different places and ask advice directly from the locals. This has made travelling a communal experience, where you are part of a group of people who enjoy learning new thing. Being in touch with other travellers have, of course, made travelling more enjoyable – you can actually enjoy the places that are good rather than just picking your destinations at random.

Travelling is not dependent on your language skills

Technology has made it less scary to travel to a foreign country with a language you don’t speak. You do not need to understand what everyone is saying or have to carry a big phrasebook with you. Your smartphone and a language translating app are all you need. You can translate text and speech on the go – it makes it less scary and ensures you can sort out problems along the way.

Travelling is less about packing

You also don’t need to worry about fitting everything to your luggage thanks to technology. Whereas books, entertainment and travel documents used to take a lot of space, digital products like Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iPod have made it easier to fit everything in. Your smartphone can carry your travel documents, entertainment from music to movies and you don’t need to worry about space in your luggage.

Travelling feels safer

Many technological advancements have also helped make travelling a lot safe. Not only are you always connected because of your phone, but you also don’t have to carry around a lot of money. You used to have to exchange money and then worry about keeping it safe, whereas now you can just use your wireless card or your smartphone to make payments. It’s much easier to avoid losing your money or being scammed with the help of a digital payment system.

Travelling is more customised

Travelling has become a much more personalised experience thanks to technology. Niche travel websites have sprung up, services can be more tailored and it’s easier to build your own holiday with cut-and-paste experiences rather than a ready-made holiday package solution. People are looking for the special, personalised experience and technology is delivering it. You can choose from experiences that are not only unique but something you genuinely enjoy doing. There is no need to follow the herd any longer – technology means you get the ultimate experience.

Travelling can do more good

One major drawback of travelling has been its impact on the environment and local communities. There have been voices calling for tourism to stop but technology is slowly changing the impact travelling has on the world. Not only is travel becoming greener, technology enables people to do good while they travel. It’s much easier to learn about the local community, donate to local causes while travelling and utilising services that are focused on eco-friendly solutions.

Travelling is more accessible

Technology, in general, has made the world more accessible to people. With the improving technology, people can experience new things and find places they might not have otherwise thought about. People with disabilities can also enjoy travel a lot more, as there are assisted technologies that help people get around and experience travelling like everyone else. Technology does this by also making things a lot cheaper – the cost of travel has come down a lot, meaning it’s not a luxury for the few any longer.

Overall, travelling has been transformed by technology and it’s likely to continue changing. Things like augmented reality are going to add to the flavour – if you work in the industry, you’re going to have to keep up. If you just enjoy travelling, then you have exciting times ahead of you!

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