25+ Attractive Blogger Templates to Download [2018]

Posted by Eyden Haze . on August 20, 2018

WordPress is no doubt one of the most powerful and widely-used content management systems (platforms), but no one can deny that Blogger has lost its popularity among bloggers. Particularly among the beginners, it is very popular as Blogger comes with many useful features that make creating and managing your own blog with ease.

If you are planning to give a new appealing look to your existing blog or starting a new blog on blogger, check out these beautifully designed Blogger templates which you can download and use easily.

Gridz [Download]

Ore no Imouto [Download]

Perfection [Download]

ChicMag [Download]

Counter [Download]

Florence Minimal [Download]

Frau [Download]

Baking Blog [Download]

Clean Minimal [Download]

Melissa [Download]

Couture Personal [Download]

Elise [Download]

Emma Personal [Download]

Featured Personal [Download]

Flora Hand-crafted [Download]

Glamour [Download]

Angel [Download]

Best Clean [Download]

Brownie Personal [Download]

Carolina [Download]

Cheerup [Download]

Claire [Download]

Hilary [Download]

Kylie Jo [Download]

Legenda Personal [Download]

Life-Fashion [Download]

MiniMag [Download]

Minimal Blog Theme [Download]

Newcon [Download]

Minimalia [Download]

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