10 Best Blockchain Development Companies Around the World [2019]

Posted by David Watson . on December 19, 2018


Before diving into the article, there are a few things that one needs to be aware of prior to appreciating what it signifies to be a top blockchain development company. Let us first understand- What is Blockchain? The development of blockchain is an engrossing concept. The technology was primarily confined to the safeguard of financial transactions that are an international database, not relying on any centralized administrator. However, with the concept of fresh case studies, the utilization of this technology by the blockchain developers has came out as a new purview for IT industry.

The below list of the top blockchain developers will help you in discovering the ideal blockchain development company so that your business thrives.

[Originally Published in August 2018, Last Updated on 11th Feb, 2019]


Being an international software solution supplier, Intellectsoft works with a powerful emphasis on the growing technology. This blockchain technology company provides solutions that are based on blockchain, identity, team extension for the projects concerning blockchain and smart contracts development. The company has a giant pool of cyber security, cryptography and engineering talent in the Eastern Europe and has over a decade of experience and knowledge in extending development groups.

Zfort Group


Zfort Group is a Full Service IT provider that helps clients transform their businesses digitally by providing expert Blockchain, Big Data, mobile app development and IoT services. They deliver high tech innovations to Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises and technology challengers, improving the ways they work and boosting the value they create for the modern world.



With a unique innovative team, Sheerchain is amongst the leading blockchain technology experts with offices in Ukraine and Canada. Popular in Europe for assisting new firms in the launch of their MVPs and the development of bespoke applications, the company is of the view that a decentralized world with technologies like blockchain is inevitable.

They have developed the world’s first platform for real business assets tokenization on Stellar (https://smartlands.io/), which raised more than 1.7 million dollars.

Openxcell Technolabs

Openxcell Technolabs is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm and also amongst the top blockchain development companies. It specializes in creating high end mobile applications for Blockchain Technology, Blackberry, Android and iOS. They strategically complement their flair of mobile apps development with a powerful group of technology expert web developers.

Indium Software

We are a blockchain development company focusing on helping customers build decentralized applications on public and private blockchains such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. We also assist companies with launching their ICOs by providing them with our token sale platform.

Our solutions also include:

  • Smart contract development using Solidity
  • Token generation
  • Smart contract audits

We have Solidity and DAPP developers who will assist you in order to come up with the perfect solution for you.



A technical innovation enterprise with utmost proficiency in Blockchain and IoT technology, LeewayHertz has emerged as a top blockchain development company.  LeewayHertz has 10 years of experience building over 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world. An experienced blockchain development company with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services. The team also includes Hedera Hashgraph ambassadors.LeewayHertz has deployed Smart Contracts using Solidity, node.js and Go on both public and private blockchain.


Since 2006, Ragnarson has been developing startups across the entire Europe. It is utilizing agile and ruby principles in day to day functions that allows to guarantee top-notch product quality and swift development process. The company’s experience with direct approach to the issues, solving scaling problems and developing web applications creates comfortable and a professional environment for the customers.


Altoros is a strong consultancy with more than 300 employees that assists 2000 international organizations with end-to-end solutions, technology building blocks and methodology training. It turns consumer analytics, AI, blockchain and cloud app development into products that have a sustainable competitive edge.


Established in 2014, ChromaWay is a blockchain development company that is a pioneer in blockchain 2.0 technology. Having professionals in blockchain, it offers a platform for transferring and issuing assets through blockchain and smart contracts.


DMarket is the sole and first working cross-game marketplace based on blockchain, turning virtual items into actual assets. This blockchain technology company has built a decentralized international marketplace enabling gamers to deal in their in-game items at just a push of a button, transparently and safely. This offers new sustainable revenue sources for big as well as small game development enterprises.



Member of Blockchain Association, 10Clouds is a bespoke software company that mainly accentuates on providing end-to-end software development solutions. It helps the clients to gain an edge before the competitors, henceforth bringing more transparency with mobile apps and smart contracts, IBM hyperledger, integrated in blockchain.

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