10 Best Market Research Companies to Watch out For in 2019

Posted by David Watson . on February 5, 2019

Market Research

The process of accumulating data pertaining to customers or target markets in an organized manner is what market survey is all about. It is the processes like this one that gives businesses an insight into the market, including its current size, demands, and competition. When you combine this survey process with opinion and social research processes, businesses can get a lot of information with respect to a survey goal. Investing in market research companies can, therefore, yield desired results. To make it easier for you to select the standout market research companies based on your budget and needs, we have done an extensive survey and have finally come out with this list.


[Last Updated on 5th Feb, 2019]

Fresh Squeezed Ideas

This market research company established in 2006 has the distinction of working closely with over 500 brands and helping them engineer sales growth. Fresh Squeezed Ideas is different from the rest of the agencies in identifying business challenges through their unique approach of cultural anthropology and behavioral science..

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Contact: info@freshsqueezedideas.com / (416) 235-0909


Whether you’re a startup or a company looking to improve your brand image, Adloonix can help you with relevant market researches. As a company hiring Adloonix’s services, you can easily look forward to getting more leads, become profitable, decreasing sales and marketing costs, and simplify lots of business processes.

Headquarters: Dnipro, Ukraine
Contact:sales@adloonix.com / +3 8 (067) 979-21-57

Van Deusen & Levitt Associates

If there is one agency that truly understands your requirements and challenges by you in the market, then it is Van Deusen & Levitt Associates. What is really remarkable with VDLA is that it delivers business results to you by helping you discover more about your brand through emotional and rational attributes.

Headquarters: Westport, CT
Contact: 203-445-6244

Key Lime Interactive

Several government agencies and mid-to-large sized companies that belong to Fortune 2000-league have benefited from Key Lime Interactive’s research abilities. Their quantitative and qualitative research skills enable companies to make decisions based on different factors like customer experience, convergence, and acquisition.

Headquarters: Doral, FL
Contact: info@keylimeinteractive.com / 305.809.0555


Want to generate a pipeline of healthy leads that can lead to improved sales? MarketJoy, a leading market research company can help. The company believes in connecting all decision makers on a single platform and accelerating sales process for the betterment of the client.

Headquarters: Phoenixville, PA
Contact: +1 484-302-0110


Outboxers is one of those market research agencies that deliver results based on true insights. They are not in the business just to pass on an opinion or establish relationships based on emotions. Instead, they provide services based on connection, desire, coherence, and context.

Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic
Contact: hello@outboxers.com /


Strengthening of brand experiences and customer connections is what Starfish is really good at. An innovative market research company, Starfish excels in providing creative and strategic marketing services. In using Starfish’s services, companies can align their goals and make them more meaningful and intuitive.

Headquarters: New York, NY
Contact: info@starfishco.com / 212.219.3330

The Yard Creative

If your company wants to be different from the competition, then The Yard Creative, with its innovative and brand changing experiences can be of immense use. The expertise of the company lies in graphic design, research, branding, strategy, and interior design. However, the company is willing to take up pretty much anything creative as their team is composed of an experienced and talented bunch of professionals from different backgrounds.

Headquarters: London, UK
Contact: info@theyardcreative.com / 020 7183 8326

Goodman Lantern

Goodman Lantern is ushering in a new era of digitalisation. Our global team uses a careful balance of automated tools and industry-leading expertise to develop cutting-edge applications, conduct thorough research, and create stimulating content.

Headquarters: Hove, United Kingdom
Contact: hello@goodmanlantern.com / +44 3300270912

Global Brand Works

Global Brand Works is a small but mighty branding agency. Founded by Caroline McNally and Shannon Riordan, Global Brand Works specializes in translating Brand Strategy into Brand Actualization – in other words, we help clients bring the brand to life throughout an organization, internally and externally.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Contact: LetsTalk@globalbrandworks.com / +1.415.567.3792
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