10 Best SEO Companies in the USA [2019]

Posted by David Watson . on March 18, 2019

Top SEO Agencies

There are a lot of things you need to be good at if you were to handle SEO in-house. Also, there are chances that you might struggle in delivering results to your client if you fail to pay attention to details or miss out on opportunities to keep an eye on all the latest SEO trends. Therefore, instead of doing all the things alone, it is better you hire the services of a professional SEO company that can deliver the results to you in the quickest possible time and within your budget. The good news is that these companies can help you stand ahead in the game by keeping a track of your competitors and inviting quality traffic to your site.

When you target the right customers towards your site and improve your site’s traffic organically, you’re bound to increase the revenue of your company sooner than later. But, the question is – how do you decide on the best SEO company in the USA, especially when there are quite a few of them! Our list of SEO companies given below will make your task of finding the perfect SEO agency a lot easier.

Firestarter SEO

FireStarter SEO

Firestarter SEO is one of those Search Engine marketing companies that take a metric driven approach in serving small and medium-sized companies. This nationally recognized company has helped several businesses expand market share by generating quality leads and increased sales. The company specialize in providing PPC management, Web Designing and SEO (both local and national) related services.

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado
Contact: kindle@firestarterseo.com / (303) 909-6698

Regex SEO


Regex SEO is a top digital marketing company, which was formed by a group of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the Internet marketing arena. We offer a comprehensive array of professional SEO services, tailor made to help you achieve online success.

At Regex SEO, every campaign we manage is built on one simple concept: getting more targeted traffic to your website. As the leading SEO experts, we are passionate about results. That’s why each campaign is custom-developed for our clients’ business. No templates. No automations. And no outsourcing. Our SEO agency boasts an in-house team of experienced SEO geeks and content writers to provide you with the best support and data-driven expertise in competitive markets.

Headquarters: Houston, TX
Contact: dmitrii@regexseo.com / 832-422-8063

Verti Group International

Verti Group Int.

A team comprising of more than 100 members, Verti Group International is a top-notch US-based SEO company that provides and supports SEO, Website Designing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services. Being one of the best SEO companies in the United States, Verti Group International (a.k.a. SEO Seattle®) has a consistent record in demonstrating excellence in the SEO industry.

Headquarters: Redmond, WA
Contact: info@vertigroupinternational.com / (206) 866-6556



Established in 2009, JS-Interactive is a company that specializes in a variety of services, including Web  Designing, Digital Marketing, and SEO. The company has helped numerous companies gain online visibility through their core SEO services. Therefore, if you’re the one looking to increase revenue and sales leads,  JS-Interactive can be the best bet.

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Contact: justin@js-interactive.com / +1 512-522-4614

Rocket Pilots

Rocket Pilots

Are you looking for a company that can not only provide quality and affordable SEO services but also web development and management services? Rocket Pilots is an award-winning company that can help your business gain momentum and gets it off the ground. The company has the distinction of working with even small startups having limited budgets. They’re also among the very few companies that collect, validate, and reports the leads from different channels.

Headquarters: San Diego
Contact: brian@rocketpilots.com / 858-775-4110

Hyperlinks Media

Hyperlinks Media

The goal of this award winning agency has always been to provide an effective and unique online presence to clients’ world over. An out-and-out internet marketing company, Hyperlinks Media has been helping small and medium-sized companies in providing them innovative web marketing solutions.

Headquarters: Houston, TX
Contact: charles@hyperlinksmedia.com / 281.693.5372

Versa Creative

Versa Creative

Versa Creative is a Houston-based agency that offers result-driven digital marketing services to clients stationed across the world. The agency focuses on delivering top-class results by integrating a series of high-level services, including branding, social media marketing, web services and digital advertising.

Headquarters: Houston, TX
Contact: begin@versacreative.com / (832) 831 7590

Chicago Digital

Having presence in leading cities like Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Hackensack, Chicago Digital is a company that provides services in digital marketing and web design/development space. Among many services the company provides are search engine marketing, Paid Media Advertising, Conversion Optimization and many more.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Contact: info@chicagodigital.com / 312-489-8422

SEOM Interactive


SEOM Interactive is a trusted name in digital marketing and web design services headquartered in Los Angeles. The company always hires experienced marketing and PR professionals who are capable enough to create creative and engaging Ad campaigns with all advanced techniques.

Headquarters: Trevose, PA
Contact: info@seominteractive.com / 215-675-8200

Trace Media


Incorporating a variety of services, ranging from unique digital campaigns to integrated marketing programs, Search engine marketing to cutting-edge strategies, SEO/ SEO Audit, Content Marketing and top-class delivery management. Boasting its dominant presence in various industries like financial, pharmaceutical, real estate, and gaming.

Headquarters: Houston, TX
Contact: info@tracemedia.com / (212) 931-8541
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