Bootstrap: Powerful Front End Mobile First Framework [Infographic]

Posted by David Watson . on March 17, 2015

Tags and credits like being the ‘#1 GitHub project by June 2014’, boasting of a swarm of 400+ contributors despite being a nascent platform, and with 10,800 commits, Twitter Bootstrap is the talk of the web development town indeed. A quick look at the usage stats of the design platform tells you that an increasing number of the top websites across niches like news, sports, tech, and niche content are trusting Bootstrap as their design foundation. Of course, with the ease of coding associated with Bootstrap owing to the reusable components, and the responsive CSS that makes Bootstrap empowered web pages to effortlessly load perfectly on mobile, laptop, and tablet screens, the success is understandable. As a web developer and designer, you’d be truly on your way to success with great Bootstrap themes and digital assets up your sleeves.


The Infographic is the courtesy of Bootstrap Templates

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