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Posted by David Watson . on July 25, 2017


Inefficient time tracking is one of the major roadblocks that keep small businesses and freelancers to deliver projects on time. Managing schedules and predicting right timelines for future projects is also a tedious task and mostly end up ruining the whole plan. Clockodo is here for the rescue.

About Clockodo

Clockodo is an interactive time management tool that lets you monitor the time taken by every individual for a particular job, task or a project. This intelligent tool understands when you are working on your device and keeps a track. You can access your total tracked time and billable time, all on the same dashboard.


Some of the Most Prominent Features of Clockodo

Time Calendar: This in-built feature lets you strategize your activities based on the availability of your team members. With an easy overview of who is absent and who is about to finish his previous task, you can manage your resources so that you never miss a deadline again.

Project Hours and Time Sheets: This feature allows you to see if your time or cost limits for a particular project is going to exceed. This helps you to take preventive measures so that you can improve the progress before it goes out of your hand.

Stopwatch: Clockodo allows you to record number of hours worked for multiple tasks on a single screen. With one click, you can start time recording and get going. Clockodo will track time for you even if it is hidden in the background.


Retrospective Time Tracking: Not only you can track your time while on the run, you can quickly add all your time spent on the tasks or projects at the end of the day. Clockodo provides user friendly forms to insert time details and restructure your reports accordingly.

User Access Rights: Clockodo provide role based access control to the team members so that everyone can track their individual performance while the boss gets to see the consolidated view of the whole team’s performance at the same time.

User friendly reports: Since every task or project is different, Clockodo lets you generate customized reports with charts to create an effective analysis of the project. Reports can be sorted based on customer, employee or a specific time period.

Clockodo Reports

Apps and Desktop Client: Irrespective of where you are working, you can use Clockodo for effective and efficient time tracking. Clockodo’s iOS app, Android apps and desktop client are synced with the servers so that your work time is tracked and billed without mistake.


Clockodo comes with a 30 days free trial to get you started. After that it’s only $8/month for the first employee and $5/month for each additional employee. From 11th employee, you pay flat $250/month. The good thing is that you pay for only those employees who were active in the last month.

Why to Use Clockodo

  • It is a cost effective solution to save you from the pain of managing tasks, projects and employees. Since it is billed per user for first 10 users, you can definitely give it a shot.
  • Clockodo is a secure tool and keeps all your company’s data private and confidential. With its multi-layer security features, it eliminates the possibility that your data will fall in the wrong hands.
  • You do not have to go through the huge excel sheets to analyze the employee or project performance. Clockodo has got it covered. It provides you with easy to understand charts and graphs so that you can quickly take decisions.
  • Both, desktop and phone apps makes it flexible for you to track your time while you’re on the run.

Final Words

Clokodo makes time tracking faster, better and easier. This is a must have tool for those who struggle to keep up with their tasks, projects and employees performance spread across the world. And since time and performance tracking is extremely important for upcoming companies, Clockodo is a great tool for startups and freelancers

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