Common Website Design Problems and How to Fix Them

Posted by Eyden Haze . on December 10, 2018

Web design problems

Website design is integral to an online business, so much so that it is a major factor in people spending time on the website and becoming a customer of the organization. Not every website you find on the internet caters to this stream of thinking. If a business only focuses on the product and not the presentation, it would end up harming the company’s prospects of making a name online. Go online and you will find all these generic websites serving the same kind of product, but the best ones are those who focus on the minute details of it so to make themselves appear of a higher standard and customer-friendly.

Here are some of the Website design issues you find and their solutions:

Making A Maze Out Of Simplicity

Let us say you are looking for a caterer to help you with a Sunday party, you go online and find a website offering these services. You go on the home page and you find all kinds of articles and images about how excellent and successful the company is. You click a link and go to the next page; you find testimonials and ratings of the service from previous users. You find an option to order for the services and you find all kinds of subcategories to choose from, the next thing it is asking is to create to an account for verification. People who are looking for solutions online want the answers quick and easy, not go around in mazes. The website should have made it much simpler for the customer to order and would have got more customers if only it had chosen to go for a simpler view. Website designers try to create more pages so to appear an established brand, but fail to realize that potential customers will go away if they do not get the answers a bit faster. Take a look at OnlineAssignmentWriting and you will find it gets the user direct answer for what they are looking.

Content is the King

Content is king

Content decides the attractiveness and usefulness of a website. A user lands on a website’s homepage and all he is looking for is the solution to his problem. Also, the content should have keywords that match with the user’s search. Not many websites focus on being informative, piling up excessive content for the users; they also use loads of stock images to make the website seem more attractive but that ends up doing more harm than good as that does not give an original feel to the website. Webpages must be attractive and informative to interest the user; a website designer should realize that they are not given enough time by the users, so the content must be crisp and interesting to lure the customer in. Websites like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp provide help with content to businesses.

Theme of the Website

The theme of the website should go in accordance with the products and services a business offers. The fonts should be easy to read and the colors should mix well with the layout. A business offering eco-friendly products to its clientele can use green mixed in the graphics shown on web pages to make for a consistent theme and showcase the personality of the brand.  The colors should mix well with the web pages to show consistence. TopAssignmentExperts, a writing service has connected all its web pages to one consistent theme.

Optimizing It for Every Browser

Many web designers create and get their websites live for users on personal computers, failing to cover the audience that searches for the keywords on mobile phones. Also, they fail to cover people using different browsers on computers as each browser has its own configuration and coding. The website should be compatible on most browsers and on phones as well. There is a growing number of user base on cellphones as each day passes by; if the website isn’t optimized for that, it will lose much of the capturable market share. One good example of this is TFTH whose pages are not only responsive but also optimized.


This one is an important tool in getting the customer to connect with a business. Technology has allowed web designers to use their creativity to make the website much more attractive than it already is. If a business allows multiple options to the users on webpages, and allows them to connect with them; chances are that they will have a much better ratio of converting users into their customers. Examples of the interactive features may include quick opinion polls, survey results, sign-up for new offers, etc. Web designers and entrepreneurs realize this and have focus on it extensively to get the customers to interact with them. One such example is CDR-Report that allows its users to interact with its experts for 30 mins Free of Cost.

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