Essential DSLR Accessories for Amateur Photographers

Posted by David Watson . on January 5, 2015

All photographers need certain accessories that assist them in keeping their tool in top condition and also click high quality pictures. There are a plethora of camera accessories that you may need as you keep evolving as a photographers. If you are an amateur, you need to have a few basic accessories at all time that would help you too click unique pictures that would not be possible otherwise. Some of the must have tools are:

Spare Battery

If you love to shoot outdoors, it is vital that you carry at least a couple of spare batteries along so that you don’t miss out on capturing anything that you fancy because of your camera running out of battery. A spare battery always comes in handy for that extended hours of shoot.

Rocket Blower

When you shoot outdoors it is inevitable that dust settles down on your lenses. A rocket blower or a dust blower is a handy tool that helps in eliminating the dust particles off the lenses. This could make a huge difference in click a great quality picture and an ordinary picture. The dust on the sensor or lenses can create a soft spot and thereby affect the image. Expert photographers suggest that it is best to clean the camera with a dust blower every time you change the lenses.

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Cleaning Cloth

This is another simple yet might effective tool for all photographers. It is best advised to use a Microfiber cleaning cloth as it has fine texture as compared to cleaning clothes made of cotton or other material. The fine cloth doesn’t leave any lint on the lenses or the sensor surface. Make sure that you always carry this cloth in your packet or in your camera pouch to clean your tool every time before using it.

Extra memory cards or hard drive

If you are going outdoors and shoot for a couple of days, there is every possibility that you may run out of memory. This can be very frustrating as you would have to delete a few pictures before you click again. To avoid this hassle it is best to carry extra memory cards or hard drive so that you can continue to shoot even when you run out of memory. If you have internet connection at your disposal, it would be a great idea to save your picture on the cloud. You can buy a good quality memory card from the various reputed online stores and use, the Paytm coupons to get valuable discount on your purchase.


Camera Backpack

All good equipment needs to be taken care of and so does your camera. A good, sturdy backpack is an absolutely essential for all photographers to keep the camera protected and carry safely. A backpack that has good padding will not only keep your camera protected from shocks and dents but also increase its life.


It is said that a tripod is a camera man’s best friend. It indeed is as it would make a huge difference in clicking pictures and prevent shakes. If you are shooting outdoors or in a rough terrain it is best advised to mount your camera on the tripod to ensure that you click high quality pictures without any blurs caused by the shaking of hands.

Make sure you have these accessories with you to enjoy your photography sessions better:

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