How to Backup Windows 10 System and Data?

Posted by David Watson . on October 25, 2015

It is only a few months since the release of Windows 10 and I’m sure most of you have upgraded to the latest operating system by Microsoft. But did you know that the best backup software for Windows 10?

It goes by the name of EaseUS Todo Backup Free and is one of the few that has been reported to be a compatible windows 10 backup and restore. In this day and age, you can just let EaseUS Todo Backup to handle everything and be your SSD cloning software as well. There is nothing to lose, since you don’t have to pay anything to be able to start using it.

Now in its latest version, this is indeed the world’s most popular free windows 10 backup and restore software with more than 6 million users worldwide. Not only that, it is also your all-in-one backup, disk clone and disaster recovery solution that also supports a one-click system, files and applications backup and clone disk.

In the latest version, this SSD cloning software further improves on its system recovery and system clone on GPT drives. This means that you can further utilize on hard drives that are larger than 2 Terabyte and more. As mentioned earlier, this software is also among the few out there that is able to provide a reliable windows 10 backup and restore solution.

Other than that, it provides a solution for System Backup which can easily back up your entire system which includes all of your applications, settings, configurations and operating system in a single compressed file. Just restore it and you will have everything back as though nothing happened.

Next there is Disk Imaging which provides a block-level disk imaging solution to quickly back up an entire disk or volume on your drive. You can also micro-manage it with the File Backup feature. Here you can select to back up only specific files, folders or file types. This will save you lots of time and space.

This SSD cloning software also can be your solution to Migrate and Clone your entire system to a much faster solid state drive or a larger hard disk drive for replacement purpose or simply an upgrading exercise that you have been looking forward to for so long. This is especially reliable for Windows 10 clone disk.

Finally there’s the Browse Image File function that you can find in this windows 10 backup and restore application which means you can browse it just like you would do with Windows Explorer and also gives you the ability to copy-paste files and folders.

If you have been scouting around for a SSD cloning software and a windows 10 backup and restore solution, then look no further than EaseUS Todo Backup Free. It doesn’t get any better and easier for anyone to be able to use all of its features and functions with ease

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