Interaction Design: The Last Element For a Perfect Website

Posted by Eyden Haze . on March 8, 2016

Today, each and every one of us is well familiar with the facts that about more than a million of people use internet everyday and usually a large volume of business are executed online. To make it more clear, about 2.5 million dollar revenue is earned via ecommerce websites every minute.

If you are planning to reach end users or promote your brand via online mediums then it is vital to have an attractive website with a straightforward vision and mission. Internet users browse things that interest them and yes first impression is undoubtedly important, in fact, very important. In fact the website needs to be attractive with the capability to gain user attention. There are some factors that contribute to the success of the website. Every SEO expert as well as the owner must implement these strategies while initiating the campaign.


If you are among the wide number of business owners who are not well known to the web design skills and strategies as well as its importance; then don’t worry there are industry experts to look after to your overall SEO requirements. One thing that you must make sure is that your website must possess a goal driven design. The design should focus on satisfying intended needs of the end users. It always works when emphasis is laid on the benefits that the user gains from the product rather than its features; as audience always eager to know that why they would buy your product. A compliant SEO strategy helps preparing blueprints of the overall website design campaign that would turn into successful business.


Process is something that comes into existence right from the planning phase and continues till the end of any project. A successful process incorporates four major steps that include UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design and Interaction Design. In web design process no one process is more important than another; in fact, all four design processes are vital. IxD (Interaction Design) creates a consistent and a stronger relationship between the product or services and its users. Not only design elements must be simple and expressive, but they must satisfy the needs of the audience. The right strategy is to design first and program second. Responsibility for both the designer and the programmer must be divided evenly to get an appropriate final product.

Usability/ Quality

Whatever be the vision and mission of your website, always remember that the Quality speaks. Availability and accessibility are two major aspects of usability and therefore, it is important to maintain both the qualities. Moreover, both these aspects directly affect the website ranking on search engine listing. Make sure that the website is responsive on all types of screen sizes and devices including laptop, tablets and smartphones; no broken links exists and there is comprehensive server uptime. Double check that no discrepancies such as error 404 exist as it may annoy the visitors and reduce client retention ratio at the same. Other attributes that must be considered are flexibility, efficiency, robustness, operability, compliance, attractiveness to name a few.


When all the above mentioned aspects of a perfect website are ensured, do not wait to jump into the wide world of internet. You would definitely stand apart from the crowd. With responsive and consistent Interaction design, your website will definitely gain recognition. The website would spear beautifully elegant with smooth functional capabilities. It is very important to analyse the intended audience for the product or services the website intend to offer.These ingredients make a difference and fulfil the intended aim of the website.

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