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Posted by David Watson . on June 29, 2017


Appointment scheduling is not rocket science. In fact, it is pretty simple to fix an appointment. But, you might not have given it a thought how beneficial it could prove, simply, if done right. To your surprise, proper scheduling of appointments can significantly add to your already efficient internal processes. Launch 27 is an online appointment scheduling software, which makes it possible with its advanced features and friendly interface.

About Launch27


Launch27 is a multi-use product that completely redefines scheduling. Features such as easy operation and user-friendliness make the software an appropriate solution for clients when it comes to quickly viewing real-time availability and fixing appointments, thereafter. While it supports applications such as iCalendar, Google Calendar, Office 365, and Outlook, its calendar coordination features make sure to notify the client once the appointment is fixed. You can now collect all the necessary information in a more organized manner.

Prominent Features of Launch27

Making local service businesses increasingly efficient, lucrative, and influential, Launch27 possesses the following features:

Online Booking on Website: With the online booking form of this software, clients can get an appointment directly by visiting your website. All you need to do is get the code and paste it on any web page you like. You have the freedom to customize the design of the software in terms of colors and fonts as well as to add any custom fields if you want.


Real-time Availability: This wonderful online appointment scheduling software makes it a win-win for both, you and your customers since scheduling an appointment becomes an easier task for them. They can check your availability in real time and book an appointment as per their convenience – making no call to you at all.

Appointment Reminders: Launch27 makes it easy for you to send reminders to your clients about their upcoming appointments. You can either text them or send an email. You don’t need to do anything manually. The process is automatic, and helps you save on time, which could otherwise be wasted due to any no-shows.

appointment reminders

Price-Location Compatibility: A major benefit that comes along with Launch27 is that you can set price as per the location. That is, your prices can differ on the basis of different locations since the booking form of the software uses the zip code of your client and offers prices, accordingly.

Flexible Pricing Options: It remains a common concern with online appointment scheduling software as to how to decide prices for different businesses. But, Launch27 addresses this concern with accuracy. It lets you set pricing on the basis of number of bedrooms, on hourly basis, or in terms of area.

Drag-n-Drop Job Scheduler: Now, it is much easier to view all jobs either on a calendar or map. This allows you to dispatch your jobs without any complication to your workers.

Differences to other apps

As compared to other similar apps, Launch27 is not meant for all businesses. Rather, it has specifically been designed to meet the needs to local service businesses. Also, this online appointment scheduling solution comes packed with various features that ensure easy management of appointments-based businesses. With this software, you can handle one or more teams and locations, as well as set different prices for different locations.

Who should use the Launch27 software?

Among all others, industries such as Health, Wellness and Fitness; Marketing and Advertising, Cosmetics, and Professional Training and Coaching can make the most of this software. While small businesses can enjoy major benefits, large companies can also benefit from Launch27. Mainly, the software is likely to cater to customers in the US, and Canada, Europe, followed by those in Australia and the United Kingdom.


To check the credibility of the software, you can sign up for a 14-day trial. But when you choose the Launch27 online appointment scheduling software, pricing should not be a concern as it’s worth spending on this efficient software. You have different plans available to choose from. The Base plan ($59/month) is the most reasonable of all due to limited features attached to it such as unlimited bookings and users, discount codes, and credit card integration. The Pro plan ($99/month) envelopes these features along with other functions such as unlimited text reminders, analytics dashboard, remove Launch27 Branding, Premium Booking forms, and scheduler. Choosing the Plus plan may cost you a little higher, but it is totally worth it as it comes with amazing additional features such as multi-location and customer referral engine.

Final Words

Launch27 comes in the form of such wondrous online software for scheduling appointments that allows not only for booking appointments online, but sends reminder as well to save your precious time. While you can create a site with your own logo and favorite colors, you can even integrate the software on your favorite webpage to allow clients to book an appointment on your website. Managing business becomes all the more interesting and simpler with Launch27, which lets you generate reports related to revenue and location. As per my own experience, I would give Launch27 – 9/10 rating

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