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Posted by David Watson . on November 30, 2018

We all may need to make a speech at least once in our lives. Writing speeches is a common assignment for college students as well. If you written communication skills are not very strong, this task may seem extremely challenging for you to complete. Actually, lots of college students who lack experience in writing college-level papers often feel at a loss when they need to write and deliver a speech and many of them start looking for a free speech writer to get help with this challenging assignment. Luckily, these students can visit a reliable website and hire professional writers who will gladly help them with completing any type of paper.

But still, writing and delivering a powerful speech is not as difficult as you may think. When your goal is to inspire and motivate your audience, good speech writing is the key to success. Keep reading to learn the secrets of writing impressive speeches.

Read Famous Speeches

Actually, the best way to learn how to write a speech is to read outstanding ones and look for rhetorical devices their authors used to emphasize something and make a great impression on their audience. You should look for some peculiarities that make such speeches stand out. But if you are looking for some easy tips, there are some important things you need to bear in mind when you need to give a speech.

Tell a Story

Your speech should have a single focus and a specific message you want to convey to your audience. Every speech is a narrative and you should tell it in your own unique style. You should tell your story in the most natural way. Every good speech should express the author’s personality, perspectives, and passions.

Write as You Talk

When writing your speech, you should remember that all speeches are not meant to be read but they are meant to be spoken. You should write them for the ear rather than for the eye and draw pictures with words to help your audience grasp your message. This is just obvious. Besides, this fact has some important implications. You should avoid complex constructions that can make your audience misunderstand your message. Use contractions because people use them in everyday conversations. Write short sentences and use short simple words that everyone understands. Don’t use vague sentences but make them clear and concise.

Take Care about the Structure

A proper structure really matters. A speech is not an essay so it may be harder to determine the right structure for it. You should decide how to present the order of the points you want to deliver. It’s a very important aspect that helps create a clear, and logical argument because it’s one of the keys to your speech’ success. You can use lists to improve the structure and simplify the presentation. Speeches can differ in types of information they present and their purpose but all of them should include some specific elements.

  • an attention grabber at the beginning
  • a strong ending
  • meaningful transitions
  • interesting stories with a special purpose
  • appropriate quotes

Be Concise

Don’t write long speeches because your listeners may get tired of listening to it and be bored to death. When you are concise, it is easier for your audience to follow the logic and the flow of your argument. After you complete your final draft, you should reread it several times and cut all unnecessary words and phrases. You can challenge yourself and try to cut as many unnecessary words from the text. You’d better read your speech aloud to hear how it sounds.

Follow our writing tips, practice a lot, and you are sure to become a speech writing winner.

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