Photography Tips: Capture Best Photographs with Drones

Posted by David Watson . on February 7, 2019

The use of drone technology is increasing day by day. Drones are great options for landscape photography. With drones, you can capture the beauty of nature. Here is a list to know what’s the best drone to buy for less than $300? If you want to do photography with your drone, here are a few tips for you.

Position a Drone Close to the Ground

You may find it tempting to fly your drone so high in the sky, but it doesn’t allow you to take great pictures. To get beautiful pictures, you have to keep the drone lower to the ground so that the camera can see the landscape. It shows shape, depth, and size in a good way because high up drone can’t see everything.

A lower camera can capture rolling hills and shape of the terrain. If you are shooting with a lower drone, you can capture maximum details of the ground.

Exposure Bracket with Drone

The drones have small sensors that may not offer dynamic range. Even entry-level cheap cameras can capture incredible photographs, so you need exposure bracket to take good pictures of landscapes. Exposure bracketing requires you to take different exposures of similar scenes. Some scenes can be underexposed or overexposed. After using different exposure brackets, you can easily blend images in post-production.

Several drones feature an HDR function that blends exposure into an image automatically. You can take different exposures manually or use the AEB function for 3 to 5 exposures with a click. In this way, you can get better control of different exposures in post-production. Fortunately, tone mapping software or Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom is available.

Choose the Best Time for Photography

Landscape photographers recommend choosing golden hours with the best light around you. During these hours, you can capture the best scenes. You can choose the beginner and the end of the day for photography. These times are great to get soft and warm light. This light is great to give a beautiful glow to your landscape. You can start aerial photography after 30 to 60 minutes of sunrise and sunset. With the low sun in the sky, you can get illuminated landscape to light up the entire scene. If the sun is down on the skyline, you can get an image with illuminated edges.

View Terrain in Google Maps

Google maps allow you to research a terrain for photography. Turn on the terrain view of the map to see the ground in a useful way. With terrain view, you can see the depth of areas and explore more locations.

Pay Attention to Symmetry

With drone photography, you can explore several new opportunities of taking mesmerizing photos. These photos are impossible from the ground. Some incredible photographs help you to capture symmetry in a better way. Drone helps you to see the equality in natural landscapes. In drone photos, you can combine human-made and natural features.

Drone photography is interesting because you can capture conflicting textures. Choose the best time for photography to get the advantage of side lighting. Before starting photography, it is essential to know the limitations of your drone and use it in a safe environment.

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