Responsive Web Design Is a Must

Posted by Eyden Haze . on April 20, 2016

Responsive Web Design Is a Must

If you have a site that’s buying or selling just about anything then your design should be responsive. This means that it can be accessed by all types of devices, as the screen and buttons scale up or down accordingly.


Those who are attempting to entice users in should be mobile optimised, as every industry is seeing growth in mobile users. Take free bingo sites as an example, the sites that are free for users are essentially courting players with a trial of their wares. These types of sites are in a competitive market so even the slightest inconvenience can cause a user to go elsewhere.

If you keep ahead with the latest design trends this will seem obvious but it’s not obvious to every site owner. They may be thinking that people will use their wares anyway, but this is not the case. Every industry is now crowded with other options and non-mobile sites just don’t get attention from customers. Part of this is grounded in search engine optimisation, as Google will automatically give precedence to responsive sites.

The average mobile user will get online using their data plan as well as free Wi-Fi. For this reason it’s important to have a mobile site, as it takes less time to load and less data than a full site. The appeal to mobile users is that they can have the same fun anywhere, but if this is chewing into their data plan then this can be a barrier. This helps the server side of things too, as it has to handle less requests and uses less data – which can save you money.


As a user, we don’t want to spend time searching for buttons or zooming our way in and out of a desktop site. A well designed mobile site should negate the need for any of these tasks, as the buttons should take the user where they want to go. This means that they’ll spend more time and potentially more money, as they check out what the site has on offer. If this experience becomes frustrating or cumbersome then they’ll just leave the site.

When you’re putting together a website for your business, the costs can become staggering but responsive design is worth the money. Using responsive design works to ensure that your site stays relevant, whereas if you have an app this will need updated with every OS update. Responsive design is much more desirable than an app in general, as we’re seeing a trend of pulling away from apps. Users are frustrated and wondering why they should have an app for each site that only serves to take up space on their device. Instead, they want sites that they can access instantly and that offer a user friendly experience.


Finally, the biggest reason that you should make your website responsive is that it will increase conversion rates! This is the lifeblood of any business so owners should be doing everything in their power to see these percentages rise.

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