2019 Revolutionary Features: Every E-Commerce Website Must Have

Posted by David Watson . on March 14, 2019

Thousands of ecommerce websites are developed every day, as its consequences there are constant raise of websites on World Wide Web and stiff competition in ecommerce businesses. Creating a website is easy, but making it famous and selling the products are difficult. It is quite imperative that your website should have all the essential features that convert the a visited traffic into sales. All websites are designed with a unique purpose, and features like 360-degree product previews, animation, advanced filtering, and dynamic product search are usually seen in trendy websites. But, trends always not give good exposure and conversion rate to all websites. If key features include in a ecommerce website, it can stay relevant and competitive. Here we have discussed a few key features that can attract online audience.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Nowadays, the majority of the internet traffic come through smart phones and most of the people do their online shopping from their tablets and SmartPhones  If you have not yet started using a mobile-friendly design, you are missing an opportunity to grab huge mobile traffic. You should consider about making a website that it suits to every mobile version and smoothly run on these devices. Beside it, the website should load in 2 to 3 seconds, even on old version phones. Your website should mobile optimized too, so that more and more traffic head to your website.

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation means your website is simple and easy to use for visitors. Most of the visitors want their desired thing just on a one click. So try to keep your top navigation bar really simple and avoid stuffing the navigation bar. You can use the drop- down menu and a great breadcrumb navigation structure and 360° view product cards for more effective use. With the normal website standards, your website should have a few key features like company logo, contact detail, account login, search option, cart/shopping bag, map or language selection (if applicable).

Prominent Security Seal

Cyber criminals always look for a website that can easily be targeted and its vulnerable data can be breached. Thousand of ecommerce businesses have lost their business due to the lack of standard security features. Online shoppers are constantly aware of cyber crimes and want to shop from secured sites.

Your ecommerce website needs to be configured with an SSL certificate. It establishes a secure connection between a browser user and a website server. It protects user private information like contact detail, credit card detail or debit card detail from hacker, build customer’s trust and also improve website ranking on search engine. You can also buy EV SSL certificate which is the advance version SSL certificate. This version prevents a website from phishing attacks. The EV SSL certificate gives a padlock, company name and its detail on browser address bar to the visitors that help to gain credibility to a business.

Live Chat

Nowadays, every business provides customer care service to their clients, so why do not your website? Add a live chat feature on the corner of your web page that help to assist customers regarding their queries and convert their visit into a sale. It might be costly for you as you have to hire a few employees to answer the live queries, but it will definitely worth your investment.

Clear Shipping Costs

Most of the shopping carts are abandoned due to the hidden shipping cost. Moreover, consumers get irritated when shipping cost is not clearly mentioned on the site.  Thus, show your shipping costs in up-front and also make it visible on your product pages. A shipping cost can be calculated when the zip code is available and user have to login for it first that can be a hurdle in your sale. You can also solve this problem by showing a zip code calculator showing cost early in the checkout process. It also shows delivery time and options for faster delivery to customers.

FAQs including Return Policy

Do not forget to add a FAQ section linked in the footer of your website because almost all shoppers have the same queries regarding a particular product or service. It will not only ease the customers, but also lighten the workload on your supporting staff. Most of the FAQs should be linked to your business’s return policy.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are considered good for sales even if they are bad product reviews. So, encourage your customers to leave a feedback or a review about your products and services. You can offer them coupons and special offers to persuade them to leave a review.

High Quality Product Images

Product images should always in high quality as the customers cannot touch the product; they can only see the product and judge the product through high resolution images. Moreover, each image should have zoom in and out with low loading time features. Images that take longer than usual time are more likely to drop-off.

Advanced Payment Options

Some user gets stuck on the payment page because their preferred option is not available on the site. Use the advance payment options on your website like Paypal, Google pay or Apple pay on your website, with credit card, debit card and COD. The more payment option your website has, there will be less chances of cart abandoned.

Return Policy

Return policy helps to build customer’s trust. When the return policy show on a website, shoppers feel free to buy the product or services of that site as they have guaranteed to return the product if it is not liked or has some fault. Beside it, the recent surveys show that 30% of online products are returned and over the 90% consumers buy the other products again if the product the return process is easy.


If you want to become a successful ecommerce owner, you must feature your website with the above mentioned components. As we know, the ground for Ecommerce battle is getting larger day by day with the constant increase in the number of websites on www. Thus, your website should stand out of them, if you really want to corner the online market.

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