Smart UI/UX Design Trends That A Mobile App Genuinely Needs in 2019

Posted by David Watson . on March 19, 2019

There is no exaggeration in saying that the generation in which we are living is equipped with the advancement at par in every nook and corner. There is no domain which can be deprived of the improved features. If you are an entrepreneur, having an app and website for your business are the key growth factors.

As a layman, it seems so simple to have a web presence of your business through a pretty mobile app. But, it takes deep efforts to get the desired benefits. User experience is a prominent factor that can take your brand to the heights of success. If a user does not find your app worth tempting, it might leave you thereby moving towards your niche.

No matter how much technically perfect you are in the substance that you have added in your design, an intuitive UI is always the key to lead conversions. Interface design (UI) is actually a subset of user experience (UX) that combines together to give an appreciable experience for your targeted set of audiences.

An interesting fact here is, individuals might download an app out of curiosity. It is not always necessary that they need to serve any purpose. These impulses, if controlled, can easily influence them to download your app.

There are so many other UI/UX considerations that can altogether provoke a user to download your app.

Here is the list-

Back button

The back button of a mobile app acts as an ultimate savior by allowing the user to get back on a consistent basis. For an Android app user, the native OS back button is enough to provide you desired functionalities. On the other hand, an iOS application demands to place the back button at the top-left corner.

The reason is, it is the most expected area for the users to find a button that allows them to move backwards. An ideal tactic is to abide by the rules stated by OS behavior and back button positioning to give you a flawless app.

Perfect Shadowing

With the latest advancements, Android has so much to offer you in terms of 3-D icons and holographic styling. If you want a little touch of different styling patterns and drop shadows, try to shower consistent lighting that allows a regular orientation of shadows over the screen.

Similarly, you should put consistent values in graphics editor to get uniform gradient and textures.

A brand logo

Although a logo cannot be a deciding element for your business growth, a poorly designed logo can create a bad impression over the visitors. A good logo simply adds style to your brand and people will find it captivating to connect with you. With time, the visitors can become your potential customers.

There is a serious dilemma whether a logo is timeless or not. As a design is trendy, logo cannot be timeless. There are brands that were established many years back and since the time they are updating to a cleaner version. The actual essence here is vintage only, instead of modern.


It is a smart design concept that basically focuses on representing a mobile app as a real-world counterpart. This visual style resembles the appearance of physical objects in a GUI environment. It is majorly applied to the user interfaces keeping most of the designs to recall the real world.

Some of the finest examples can be to use a letter symbol for email; images of files and folders for computer filing systems, etc. The prime motto is to make users more familiar to the computers.

Human emotions

A good app with engaging user experience must have a strong empathy with the users to work effectively. It is a sole responsibility of the UI and UX designers to remain updated with the hottest trends of this digital arena so that they can make necessary amendments to give an appealing and seamless appearance to your app design.

Precisely, an app must have a complete understanding of human behavior without making much communication with the user.

What to Summarize

In this tech-savvy world, each day rises with some fresh trends to implement in your business. Especially in the digital world, you cannot expect to sustain for long if you will remain fixed to a limited circumference. You have to think beyond boundaries about the smart ways that can help your business reign on the top of the digital realm. In present situation, mobile apps are the good source for giving a boost to your business. The only need is to give it a magnificent appearance by making the proactive use of UI/UX trends.

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