Software Framework – A Bedrock Support to Developers

Posted by David Watson . on December 21, 2016

A bedrock support to software Developers to make their work run smoothly & quickly. A Software which makes other software compatible to the machine.

There are a lot of components, required to develop a program as a building requires myriad materials to be built but the main material is brick & cement in the same manner Framework software is the “Cog in the wheel”. Gone are the days when programmers accustomed to broach over languages & coding. They are now intensively open to converse frameworks.

Technically, a framework is next to Application Programming Interface known as API Where a developer gets a stage to develop new programs & software. It works like foundation which consist predefined classes & functions that can be used in several ways like to manage hardware devices & process input.

Lets elaborate it with an example suppose we have to cut a single diagram of any shape it can easily be drawn & made but if the requirement is of a thousand pieces then we won’t do this a thousand times. Here, we need a Framework to cut it & have thousand pieces at once using less time & energy and a perfect outcome.

Different software requires different framework because it helps in all functions of software. Framework is one of the tools that are available to help developers to develop better & faster because it reduces the coding process n makes the connectivity faster and validation easy.

Advantages of Using A Framework

Using Framework may be expedient in many ways like the pre written code may be used for the standard function so that you may not have to start from the scratch. Like when you need to build a building there is a dire need of a concrete foundation likewise a Framework software is required to develop a program. You can work with more ease with the Framework. It has ample benefits.

1. Lesser time consuming as developers don’t have to spend a plenty of time in coding for basis function.
2. As the framework code is optimized for that specific device so, if you are using the same framework it will require less code than if you start from the beginning. In this way it minimizes the resources.
3. Seeing the advantages & ease of Framework software. It has been more compelling & has become a part & parcel of programming.

Framework has many versions. The more advance the software is the more advance framework it requires.

Types of Framework& their Uses in Brief

.Net framework (Dot Net)


A Microsoft developed software framework that includes a Large Class Library that enables language interoperability where each language can use code written in other language.

Android Framework

android framework

Android provides a rich application framework which allows you to build innovative apps & games for mobile devices in a Java language environment. It provides multiple entry points.

PHP Framework 

PHP is a server-side scripting language, designed specifically for Web Development but used like a general purpose programming language as well. It can be incorporated with different web template systems, web content management systems & web framework along with this it can also be embedded into HTML code.

iOS Framework (iPhone Operating System)

It is a known fact that this framework has been developed by Apple exclusively for its hardware. It has been recognised the second most reputed mobile operating system worldwide after Android according to sales. It empowers operating system of many mobile devices like iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

Framework removes software dependency & it supports the window O.S. (operating system) .It is easy to manipulate like addition, pupation & deletion & easy to maintain the databases. Hence, we can say that it is a bunch of many things like upgradability, quality & maintainability of applications at better price.

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