Technology and How It Has Changed Everything in Our Lives

Posted by Eyden Haze . on May 24, 2018

Most people agree that technology has greatly changed our lives over the past century. And it’s hard to object to these claims, especially since the internet alone has made the world a much more different place than the one that has been left to us by our forefathers. The technological advance is so important, that there are even course works and dissertations written on that matter.

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Top 4 Facts How Technology Has Changed the Way We Look at the World

Here are listed all the reasons of how technology has made our lives on the one hand easier and more convenient but on the other – harder and more complicated. But in our article, technological advances have been described to you in an easier to understand way. Let’s research them all!

In our article, you will find out about how technology changed:

● Our Communication
● Our Education
● Our Entertainment
● Our Medicine

Communication Is Much Easier

Such inventions as the telephone, TV, the computer, mobile phone, cars, and trains have all alone changed the way we interact with the world. They’ve helped us to communicate and commute. Yet there is another sphere that has enhanced all of them combined.

It’s the Internet and social media. Now such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others help us to communicate with one another at an unprecedented level.

Building a relationship some time ago required much more time, but now we can do it much faster. We can find out a lot about a person just by looking at their social network accounts. We will know what he or she thinks, feels, what their hobbies are, how they view the world – and it’s just exciting!

Not to mention that dating has become much more convenient now. You see an interesting person on social media? All you need to do is to message here and there you go!

But there is also a negative side of the matter. With this way of communication, we are at the same time closer and more distanced from one another. It is not cool to see a boy and girl who look so great together, but both of them have their faces literally stuck in their phones.

Easy and Convenient Education

With modern technology and all its resources – there is no more need to go somewhere to gain knowledge. Sometimes a teacher is also pretty obsolete.

Now there are possibilities to show presentations on any topic everywhere. And you can do your work from anywhere in the world – provided there are electricity and internet connection. Distant education is also a thing now.

Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning all those online courses that are most likely popping out to everyone when one visits his favorite website. Some of them are for money, others are totally free.

Not to mention Youtube alone, that provides you with hundreds if not thousands of free and good guides on every aspect of our lives – starting with computer games and ending with such high-tech features as computer coding and SEO.

Wider Entertainment Industry

There are many entertainments these days. Films, PC games, social media that have been already mentioned. There are many TV series and films that gather millions of fans all the time.

PC Games are an absolutely new genre of entertainment. They are so numerous and different that there is a question which topic they haven’t covered yet?

Topics are very different and cover most of the troubling question that the mankind asks: the role of an individual in life, psychology, the way we view this world, what is the point of our lives, what is life…

Everything is covered in films and PC Games. History, politics, evolution, development… Games have even become some sort of an educational resource.

Let’s say that we want people to be more interested in history. But many people find researching historical documents and reading books a daunting task.

So let’s create a game that covers this topic. For example, there are lots of games about the World War Two, so many players learn history without even knowing it!

And that’s just one of the brilliant ways to combine entertainment and education.

Medical Treatment Advances

Technology has made it possible for people to live longer and healthier lives. But more importantly – it’s made it possible to save lives as well. For example, now we can transplant organs and cure diseases that have been incurable even a couple of decades ago.

Modern prosthetics have made it easier for people who have suffered heavy injuries to adjust to life and live it without feeling inferior or different from others. And judging from rare cases, when hands and legs are now being transplanted – soon prosthetics will become obsolete as well!

If that wasn’t enough, then what do you think about hearing devices and operations that help blind people to see again. Of course, they may be rare and costly now, but don’t forget that first cars and computers were such as well – and now they’re in every house, just like Bill Gates has dreamed!


We hope that this article has helped you to view this world as a much better place and gave you lots of data on the way technology has changed us and our way of life. Now your mood will get much better and you will start writing about technology with ease since now you know how to describe all those difficult questions in a much simpler way.

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