Things You Need to Know When it Comes to Hiring an SQL Developer

Posted by Eyden Haze . on August 11, 2018

SQL is an important part of today’s time. If you are looking forward to hiring the SQL developers but not really aware about the job profile and what all things to evaluate in a candidate then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. Understand the fact that there are many different online free tests available that can give you a better idea of what all questions need to be put to improve the recruitment process. If you want to go ahead and improve your recruitment process that can be more strong and useful then certainly you must choose the right process that can be effective.

Know more about SQL:

It is a well-known 4GL which is the fourth generation programming language in which the programmer declare the results ensured of showing how the result needs to be calculated as per the database. It was earlier a declarative programming paradigm which held the key feature for ad-hoc questions to introspect the data which users could execute directly with SQL instead of UI.

Know more about the Microsoft SQL interview test:

The focus of SQL test is to evaluate the developers in such a way that you get a quick idea on whether the candidate is a perfect fit for the job or not. Such type of test offers the employers an approach to assess the candidate’s skills before conducting the personal interview. The SQL servicer relational database management system can be effective since it is used for string and also retrieving the data for different applications of software that can be either on the same or even on the different computers.

With the help of such test, different areas of the candidate’s skills can be evaluated that would include SQL queries, development, performance tuning, DBMS, Oracle, and even the MySQL to name a few. Such type of test also includes the questions that are based on stored procedure, SQL statement, triggers and truncate statements to name a few. This type of screening test if created with the help of subject matter expert can further ease down your stress on what all questions to be asked. The subject matter expert holds a good knowledge about the trending pattern that can be used for evaluating the candidate and how fruitful it can be for you to assess in a better manner.

The purpose of Microsoft SQL interview test:

The purpose of such test is to hire the developers who are from SQL sources. The developers may enter a lot of data in their CV out of which some of them may not be even true. With such test, it will be clear to you on which all skills that have been mentioned in the CV are actually acquired by the candidate. The test gives the accurate analyzing reported by which you can make the hiring decision in a better way. This is nothing but the simplest form to assess and judge the performance of the candidate that can be beneficial for the person as well as the organization.

In terms of hiring, no doubt that such type of test is quite powerful but it is not applicable to all the candidates, who actually appear to this test. Rather it is designed to assess the junior positions who apply for the post of server developer, application developer Database developer, Software developer or even the SQL server developer. The test gives a clear idea to the recruiters and the employers on who the capable candidates are and who can help you in the company’s growth for a better future. This way, you can certainly identify the potential hiring by evaluating the job readiness and also the working skills. This is the main reason why stress is given more on how to evaluate the applied skills acquired by evaluating the candidate’s knowledge and work experience instead of solely judging the person through theoretical knowledge.

What all things do the test include?

Of course, at such point of time, it is your subject matter expert who can be a good guide but again if you are looking for an approach to understand what the right pattern is, then understand that test contains certain types of questions that could be in multiple question answer form or choice questions. Other than this descriptive, fill in the blank and even audio video questions are included in the type of assessment. The test is of 230 minutes and consists of the blend of theoretical and application-based questions. This way, it will help you evaluate two patterns of the candidate one is the practical skill and other is the technical knowledge. The candidate who answers maximum questions in fewer spans of time shall be eligible for the next round of interview.

Quick tips that can be helpful:

Before you start with the process to hire an SQL developer it is important that you first start with your IT recruitment campaign. You are likely to get ample of resumes and cover letters and then once you find someone who needs to be further interviewed then you can go ahead and do the screening process. It is important to go through a different application and also talk with the candidate over the phone.

Make sure you do a thorough background to understand more about the developers, research well on the job profile and then go ahead with the hiring process.


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