Top 6 Design Trends To Pay Attention in 2019

Posted by Eyden Haze . on January 7, 2019

Good design is crucial when generating a positive experience and converting prospects into real clients. When potential clients arrive at any website, it takes them a mere 0.05 seconds to decide whether to stay or bounce away. Its significance is often underestimated, but well-created design can bring great benefits that open up valuable opportunities for companies in any business verticals.

Key benefits of design

Below we have identified some benefits design provides to business:

  • an increased volume of products and services’ sales;
  • improved a company’s positioning in the market;
  • strengthened brand identity;
  • built greater customer loyalty;
  • reduced time to market.

Companies shouldn’t underestimate the importance of design that improves their business performance. They also should take into account top 6 design trends that determine the paths to follow in order to achieve great success in business. Are you still interested? Let’s delve into details!

Trends in design businesses need to focus on in 2019

Trend #1: Minimalism and oversized typography

Typography has become bolder, bigger and unexceptionable. Bold oversized typography and minimalism are a perfect pairing to convey crucial information in the following year. It is the easiest way to create the desired impression, communicating a message that is hard to ignore. Using this trend shows consumers that you follow their voice, understand, know how to impress and better engage them to improve your brand’s positioning.

Trend #2: Voice-based interface

Voice-based technology is revolutionizing the way people live and use their devices. It is an emerging trend that is increasingly growing. It allows people to control computers and devices primarily by speaking, leveraging the latest technologies (e.g. natural language processing). To take maximum benefit of this trend, companies should take into account voice-powered capabilities to focus in 2019.

Trend #3: Geometric elements

Geometric elements are getting more popular in 2019. They add a modern look, evoke a sensation of balance, easily bring out emotions: triangles show stability and strength, trapeziums depict growth, rectangles symbolize a sense of formality and rationality, circles give the feeling of unity. Each shape should be appropriately chosen to convey the right mood and tone your brand is likely to perform.

Trend #4: Sticky elements

Utilizing sticky elements is becoming increasingly remarkable in design in 2019. The idea is to have these elements at the top, bottom, or sides of the webpage. If properly used, they help to highlight a promotion, get a quick reply from chatbot, keep engaging with social platforms via social media links or increase engagement via sticky call-to-action buttons.

Trend #5: Microinteractions

Businesses should take advantage of the micro-moments to provide a seamless experience to their customers in 2019. Being the smallest units of interaction in the online experience, they are always created with the user-centered approach in mind. If brands want to foster a rich connection between company and customer, micro interactions offer a great chance to speed up interaction with the audience and build greater customer loyalty.

Trend #6: Background video

Video background trend seems to be here to stay in 2019. Advanced technologies and design techniques provide possibilities of implementing videos as backgrounds easily and quickly. It helps to capture attention and attract a great number of prospects. If this is done properly, provided visual experience would be breath-taking, extremely impressive and unforgettable for any visitor.

Drawing a line

The design is worthy of focused attention from businesses. It provides clear communication between businesses and their customers and should be taken into account from the very start. Businesses should also keep up with current design trends that are constantly changing to flourish. If you have an idea or a wish to create a perfect design, DDI Development company can deliver great design solutions and create an unforgettable positive experience that will drive your business growth and strengthen brand identity.

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