Twproject: Best Project Management Software To Streamline Your Business

Posted by David Watson . on August 9, 2016

Have you heard of project management applications? There are multiples of them out there on the Internet, like Wrike and a couple more. What these project management applications do is quite simple – make your life simpler. How they do it is another thing on the whole. These applications make it easier on you in terms of administration, letting you give more time to what your company requires to blossom. Being an Internet based application; it helps in real-time management of projects, which includes data collection and tracking progress. Not only all this, but also the pre-loaded Gantt chart helps you out more by letting you visualize your plans and update them instantly without any further delay and also add assignments on the spur of a moment.

What is Twproject?

Twproject is a project management application, which lets you handle all your administrative matters easily without any delay, bringing your projects from a point of absolute cordial let down to a point of perfect management. It collects information from diverse places, and processes, and lays them in front of you on a platter, making it manageable within a few clicks. Just a little work and boom – your work is done.


Some of the Key Features of Twproject

Easy Project Management: Get access to latest project data, including work progress, forthcoming deadlines, project costs and worklogs.

Interactive Workload and Plan: This view lets you check and change work allocation across the team within an instant. Planning becomes fast and easy with the excel-like interface.

Keep Your Teams Connected: The tool automatically creates teams based on the kind of project you are working on. You can check their work load, communicate with them, share agendas and files, and prioritize tasks.

Time Tracking: Twproject adapts to your work style and thus allows you to log time in many different ways. You can also validate, monitor and improve work logs in real time.

How will Twproject can help you?

Twproject, can solve numerous workload and management problems on the spur of a minimal amount of clicks. The fact it can solve problems with clicks is in itself a big deal. Let’s see how Twproject tackles major project management issues.


Mapping needs to projects, processes and tasks is further just clicks away and perhaps just a few minutes away to completion with Twproject. It breaks down projects and tasks into a tree-like structure for easier management, and also sub-projects which help in making a broken-down structure. A tree-like structure makes it a lot easier for management as you can immediately find out the process and the completion of projects without delaying anything.

Simple, yet complex

Austerity is something that everyone looks for, but complexity of a program is what decides how useful it is. Although, mixing both, the functionality of a complex program, with the ease of use of an extremely simple application – we get a project which can actually give you that books which takes your company into the skies of success. Not only does Twproject allow you to maintain a project tree, but it also lets you decide who handles what positions and furthermore lets you look over the completion of your programs using Gantt editors and many other features which all come along with Twproject.


Thinking about the security whilst handling the projects, can be difficult. Hence, Twproject keeps most of the factors like security behind the back, handling them all by itself, keeping all your projects safe and allowing you to concentrate on pushing your company to success.


Twproject offers a couple of different plans, of which you can choose whichever fits your needs:

In House – Server

€ 3.99 per month.
Server cost is free.
Supports Windows, OSX and Linux.
Multiple database support.
Minimum 1GB RAM.

Small – Cloud Server

€ 3.99/month.
Server cost is €20 per month.
10GB storage.
Speed index – 1.

Medium – Cloud Server

€ 3.99/month.
Server cost is €70 per month.
20GB storage.
Speed index – 2.

Final Words

If you are looking for an end-to-end project management solution to ease your day to day project-related woes, Twproject should be the tool of choice. It helps your teams work collaboratively to drive the project to success

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