Ways to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers

Posted by David Watson . on April 9, 2019

Security of website is very important. It is something every website owner cries about. They even nag about. Web security has become a matter of concern due to the concept that open source scripts are exposed to the risk of getting hacked. This is not a solid fact. Yes, a WordPress developer will say that this is true up to a limit.

Partial truths are easy to handle. However, with this relief it is important to give the grim fact too. It is difficult to stop the hackers from getting into your website or you blog. What you can do is hire an experienced WordPress development service who knows how to make the job of the hackers more difficult.

If you succeed in making hacking tough enough, eventually they will give up trying to hack your website or blog and move on to the bigger financial gains. With a few little wise tricks, you can make your website less attractive to the hackers.

Back it Up

Any WordPress development agency worth their money will tell you to get proper backup. This is the most important step which you can take. Also, this is the biggest favor, you can do to yourself. Without right backup, you will not be able to go ahead with the other steps to secure your website. Backup can be done manually.

It can also be done by using plugins. You need to attach experienced people with you who will be able to backup your entire WordPress blog. Also, backup your database. This includes images and documents in the blog that you use for daily work. This might seem like an additional work, but, this is as important as locking your windows. Without proper backup, the other security measures will not be non-existent.

Lock it Down

Website lockdown is a way which will create the first barrier when a hacking attempt will be made. This can save you from a lot of problems. The option gets the website locked down the moment more than one failed attempts occur to log in to a website.

There are multiple numbers of plugins which can enable this lockdown. You can even specify the number of time one can attempt to log in to the website. After this specified times, the website will get locked. This is a useful tool which you can install with the help of people who has experience in WordPress websites and blogs.

Password Protected

Everything is password protected. Yet, websites get hacked. This is because people usually choose password that are easy to remember. What they forget is easy to remember passwords are easy to hack as well.

For this reason, it is important to create password which is difficult to remember and assume. Experts advise people to get creative with the passwords. Yes, add numeric and special characters to make the password complicated. Also, don’t stick to the same password for more than three days.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are important parts of websites and blogs. However, you need to understand that most of the plugins are created by ordinary people. Most of the plugins are not useful. Due to this you need to be very careful when you are installing plugins or spending money on a plugin. You need to buy something which will help you get your blog or website secured. This only an experienced team can help you acquire. If you don’t have experience or knowledge about the plugins, you need to find someone who knows which plugin will add some value to your website. This is important because securing a website is not easy.

Secured Hosting

Of course, everyone knows this. However, every hosting option does not give security as the top priority. If you lack knowledge you will not be able to find the hosting platform which make hosting secure. Hire someone who has been creating website for a long time. Someone who knows the industry will be able to suggest a hosting platform which will keep your website safe and secured. When given opportunity the hackers will overcome every possible security option. Don’t give them the rift which will allow their entry.

Updated Version

With time hackers are getting smarter. They are using almost all the possible options to hack a website. Due to this reason, WordPress has to change its security options as well. As the time goes, WordPress is trying to tie the loose ends which allow the hackers to enter the website. This is the main reason, why you should use updated WordPress version. With each version WordPress tightens up the security and makes it difficult for the hackers to hack sites.

What you need is a team experienced in WordPress website and blogs. They are the right persons to suggest you the way to secure your website.

Get Rid of Unused Elements

The more you put in your website, the bigger would be your risk of getting hacked. For this reason, get in touch with a WordPress development company. They would be able to help you in erasing the plugins that are not required.

They would also be able to erase the images which you don’t use anymore. It is the best way to make your website secured. If you cannot do this your website will be in the place where anyone can hack it.

Delete Defaults

Defaults come with many promises. However, in the long run defaults don’t work at all. When you opt for plugins or themes, you should be careful of defaults. Hackers usually attack the default settings to get into a website. The main reason for this is the familiarity of the default settings. The more knowledge they have about your website, the bigger risk your website is into. They would use the knowledge of the default settings to get into your website.

Therefore, when you are getting your website done, you need to find a WordPress developer who can help you get out of this risk. Changing the hosting details or the IP information also helps and for this you would need someone experienced.

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